Media Innovator Awards 2020

Jun20442 Best Corporate Communication Solutions Provider 2020 - Portugal While the media landscape continues to change, the need for communication has not gone away. What has evolved is the way in which businesses interact with their staff and their clients. The team at Outsport specialize in this work, drawing on nearly twenty years of experience to provide clients with incredible results. We take a look at the firm to find out more. Outsport was founded in 2002 to provide a clear communications solution to customers. Covering the three areas of brand, human resources and material production, the team have gained a reputation for highly personalized treatment, high response capacity, ethics above all suspicion and a close relationship with all stakeholders. Since the beginning, Outsport has championed a pioneering attitude to communications. It is a company built by young people who felt limited in their previous places of work. Having gained the expertise to bring projects to a successful conclusion, the team moved forward with their own unique brand of cutting-edge solution. This attitude has not dimmed over time, with the company staying at the forefront of the corporate communications market. Few firms have the capacity to work in the niche markets that the team at Outsport have made the heart of their business. Finding a method of clear and effective communication is not always easy, so the team at Outsport are always looking for a successful solution. With years of expertise in the field, they’ve learned more about the industry than most. While many companies tout the benefits of big data, Outsport favors an old-school approach that treating people as individuals with specific needs and problems. As it covers different areas of communication, the team is able to offer a wide range of effective solutions. For brands, they are capable of hosting Brand Events or operating on a company’s behalf at Major International Events, Brand activation and Social Responsibility Campaigns. HR departments can benefit fromthe team’s internal communication campaigns, commemorative events as well as their experience in hosting major events such as annual meetings or Christmas parties, including for families. Outsport can produce bespoke, high-quality materials in small and large quantities for these sorts of events. With events forming the core of the company, it’s not surprising to note that the pandemic has had a major impact on the success of the firm. The innovative approach that the team have always put forward, however, has allowed them to adapt quickly to the crisis. Already technology has allowed them to restructure in order to respond quickly to the need for their work. A key example of this is the materials production department, which has grown exponentially with the development of new types of internal communication in companies. Many major events have been stalled since March, so the team has had to move on to other areas that allow them to look to the future with confidence. Despite their best efforts, it’s clear that 2020 will not be a year of revenue growth for the firm, but it has shown the resilience of their structure and their staff. This is an event from which they can successfully recover. Few have thrived in 2020, but to adapt to such an incredible situation shows a degree of fortitude that many companies cannot claim to have. What Outsport offers is exciting solutions that bring people together. No matter what the new normal happens to be, this will still form an essential part of the way in which we work. It’s why the team are sure to recover swiftly and resume their hard-won record of success. Company: Outsport Name: Rui Ferreira Web Address: O U T S P O R T