Media Innovator Awards 2020

Jul20004 Best AR Content Management Platform 2020 Technology and media have grown hand in hand, with innovation at the very centre of each industry pushing what can be achieved. The worlds of virtual and augmented reality have become more commonplace than ever before, with more brands, retailers, and companies looking to capitalise. ROAR Augmented Reality is the way that these entities can do that, through a suite of services that help to create immersive experiences that drive consumer engagement and provide invaluable data and ROI for brands and retailer. We find out more. ROAR Augmented Reality is a truly fantastic and innovative platform for media and entertainment. From augmenting physical brochures and magazines, to creating memorable experiences at events, augmented reality (AR) enables the transformation of traditional media channels. Creating immersive digital experiences for traditional media leads to renewed consumer interest and engagement, and ROAR works with many organizations to bring interactive and immersive AR experiences into magazines, print, and wider entertainment. ROAR democratizes AR content creation for brands, retailers, and marketers, and is the SaaS content management platform for AR that creates immersive experiences, drives consumer engagement, and provides invaluable data and ROI. In essence, ROAR allows brands and retailers to drastically increase ROI on existing digital content through a branded AR solution. The firm uses AR content to drive customer engagement for brands, increasing conversion, crossing and upselling opportunities, and building brand loyalty. The ROAR platform gathers invaluable data, such as time of engagement, look-alike profiles, audience demographics, geographic locations, call-to-action tracking, and much more. It isn’t that hard for brands and customers to create, deploy, and manage AR content at scale either. If you can create a PowerPoint slide, then you have the technical capability required to create AR content through ROAR, without the use of code development. The digital augmentation of the physical world will no doubt become a part of human life in the future that is almost unescapable. It will allow brands and companies to enable more immersive and interactive consumer engagement, and that is crucial to success. ROAR believes, and has always believed, that the customer comes first. The firm works with all customers to enhance the platform based on real needs that customers have when creating their AR content. Designed for non-technical users, any clients can easily deliver existing content into the marketplace within mere minutes. Each designed piece of AR content works with data-feeds and APIs from retailers and brand’s product databases. It is even appealing to enterprises, with image recognition quality that is far superior to competitors, and made even more attractive when coupled with sustainable pricing methodologies from ROAR. Media and innovation within the world of AR requires a company to be fast-moving, and able to remain at the forefront of emerging trends. ROAR constantly evaluates the evolving technologies that can enable more advancement in AR. It spends significant amounts of time understanding real customer use cases, and real applications of AR in order to integrate new features into the platform to enable best-in-class AR content creation. Everyone at the firm works tirelessly to bring more and more innovation into ROAR AR and stay ahead of both the competition, as well as lead the field for emerging trends. From an internal standpoint, the culture of the company and its various teams at ROAR is one of the key elements to its most recent successes. It has always believed in working hard and also working smartly. Every input or suggestion from the team regarding product direction is taken into serious consideration, as the team is wholly focused and dedicated to the product’s mission. Even now, during a time of global crisis thanks to the pandemic and lockdown imposed by COVID-19, there are many opportunities being created for the world of AR and its content. From augmenting events, print, and day-to-day experiences, to bringing AR into retail locations, COVID-19 has absolutely accelerated the adoption of AR by so many businesses. Ultimately, ROAR is a company that is focused on the future of what life could look like for businesses when inclusive of innovative technology such as augmented reality. ROAR democratizes AR content creation and the distribution of AR content in ways that other businesses have not yet managed to do so. It is innovation at its finest, and with ROAR making it easier and more affordable than ever for media, brands, and retailers to deploy AR content and solutions to their customers, the future is exceptional for this firm. Company: ROAR Augmented Reality Contact: Oksana Sokolovsky Website: