Media Innovator Awards 2020

Jun20491 Best Cloud-Based Video Platform 2020 - Republic of Ireland Video is one of the most powerful communication tools that a company can use. As a way to reach, to engage with and to convert an audience, there can be no substitute. The team at Video Sherpa enable companies to produce their own content, in-house, avoiding the need for expensive outside production companies. In the light of their success, we take a look at how the team has achieved so much for businesses in Ireland. All sorts of businesses have turned to video makers to communicate a message clearly and effectively. Consumers love video because it is an easy way of delivering valuable information quickly. Video Sherpa fills in the gap for many organisations, allowing them to produce their own video content at a fraction of the cost of an external company. At Video Sherpa, the software does the heavy lifting so that clients can tell their own stories as effectively as possible. With use of the team’s unique step-by-step, guided workflow, anyone is capable of creating amazing, original video content using only their smartphone and the cloud software that Video Sherpa provides. When it comes to creating videos, finding a software platform isn’t the only requirement. Video Sherpa empower clients to gain confidence and understand the elements that truly connect an audience with subject matter. The team spend a great deal of time training their clients, engaging in a process of continual review when they are starting out and then provide a series of video tutorials to help them develop their skills. Naturally, this has made the Video Sherpa team incredibly popular in a variety of industries. Companies in Higher Education, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Food, Property and Public Bodies all make use of the team’s innovative software. The team at Video Sherpa understand clearly that the success of their clients is what creates the success of the company as a whole. Therefore, the team ensure that the most possible value is created, with clever elements that save the best clips for reuse, that collaborative tools are available for teams to easily work together and that there is always publishing approval so that as many people as possible can ensure that videos are of the highest quality before publication. As an incredibly interactive solution, Video Sherpa has achieved such success by paying close attention to the needs of its customers. In a market that is growing rapidly, the team have found themselves in increasing demand. Currently, they operate in Ireland and the UK, but plans are in place for expansion into new territories such as the EU and US over the next twelve months. Such a strong attitude to growth encourages entrepreneurial thinkers, which generates even more success. Very few businesses have found 2020 easy, but Video Sherpa has not only thrived, but allowed others to adapt quickly to a new life of remote working. Companies are now using videos in ways that they have never done so before. It is used by doctors to teach surgical techniques, by factories making parts for ventilators, by colleges delivering a virtual open day to students. The strength of the video has long been seen as the preserve of the professional, but Video Sherpa has opened it to all. Video represents an enormous degree of potential, especially when it comes to connecting with an audience. There are few mediums finer for the purpose. At Video Sherpa, the team take the technical strain so that their clients can focus on delivering their message as clearly and effectively as possible. It’s what has allowed them such incredible success. Company: Video Sherpa Name: Anna Downes Web Address: