Media Innovator Awards 2020

Jul20396 Digital Media Communicator of the Year 2020 - Southern England The importance of local radio cannot be understated, allowing fresh voices to find their feet and explore new ways of working that can later be applied on a broader scale. The digital revolution has blown the doors of this industry wide open, with Winchester Today the exciting result. We take a look at this multi-platform news organisation to see just what they have to offer. On radio, online, in print – these are the ways in which many people find out about the latest andmost important issues facing Hampshire today. Providing a local approach for local people, the team at Winchester Today pride themselves on the quality of their reporting, delivering it freely and transparently. The name, Winchester Today, has become a promise of quality in the local area, delivering vital news to an audience wanting to learn more about local affairs. The team pride themselves on the fact that everything is free, from the newspaper, to the website to the radio station. All can be accessed by anybody and used by all. This does not just mean the general public, with Winchester Today providing daily news bulletins to other media organisations free of charge, including Winchester Radio. As the company has become more well-known, the team have been able to leverage the name of Winchester Today to gain exclusive access to people and venues. The team are familiar with all the major organisations in the city, working closely with the theatre, film festival and cathedral on major projects and reviews. This goes both ways, with advertisers paying to put their names out through Winchester Today. As a digital firm, it’s easy for the team to sell space across media, and any client who buys a spot has space across all platforms. As a local station, the team have been able to engage more closely with the local community than larger competitors based elsewhere. For locals, this means their news is theirs, and they can hear about events specific to them. It also allows Winchester Today to pay something back to the youth of today and the reporters of tomorrow. ‘Project Alfie150’ is the firm’s free training course for young journalists, allowing them access to a professional news headquarters so they can see what the job really entails. The use of Winchester Today as a training ground for those who are just getting started is key to its success and its approach. One of the company’s main presenters had never been involved in a daily radio programme before working at Winchester Today, where he was given his first full-time role. This decision has proven to be very successful, with continual training to ensure that he grows and develops while in his post. As one of the leading digital communicators in the UK, the team have embraced the capability of technology to make their lives easier. Google Drive is one of the most exciting prospects, allowing all files to be uploaded to the cloud through a smartphone, where they can then be accessed by the layout designer. For the company at large, the introduction of DAB+ has been long awaited, but should allow for the radio station to reach more people than ever before. Of course, breaking news means that Winchester Today is used to adapting quickly to events, but the COVID-19 pandemic is a crisis that was unexpected by anybody. The team worked quickly to secure its services, with the radio station and website continuing to operate throughout. Thanks to the use of apps like Voice Memo, it has been easy to conduct news interviews at broadcast quality. The team has even been able to help in the production of a short play, with six voices, that has been made during lockdown. Local news is a vital part of understanding the world in which we live. The team at Winchester Today have made it their mission to bring this news to life for a local audience, and they do so with aplomb. Drawing on an impressive pool of fresh talent, new ideas and quick thinking, they’ve been able to achieve amazing success in the industry. It’s sure to keep them busy for years to come. Company: Winchester Today Name: Kevin Gover Web Address: Media Innovator Awards 2020