Media Innovator Awards 2020

Jul20666 Leading Experts in Cultural Branding - Germany For many, the exploration of different cultures is a way of finding out about the world. It allows us to learn more about different people and how they think. For the team at FINE GERMAN DESIGN, finding new ways to showcase culture has been key to their success. We take a look at this impressive firm in the light of its achievement in this year’s Media Innovator Awards. A New York repair shop might sound like an unlikely origin for a fine design firm, but the team’s inspiration has encouraged values that continue to drive the company forward. The repair shop offered fine German cars, mainly Porsches and Mercedes, with good reputations for ambitious technology, timeless beauty and reliability above all else. These qualities form the beating heart of FINE GERMAN DESIGN. Since being established in 1997, FINE GERMAN DESIGN has grown into one of the most trusted agencies of its type in Germany. Used by such illustrious organisations as the Federal Ministry for Research and Education, the Städel and the Senckenberg Group of Museums, the team has been able to work on many exciting projects. This includes the new corporate designs for Frankfurt Airport, multiple projects for the Museum of Modern Art and four years of conceptualising and designing the key visual for the LiteraTurm literature festival. The key approach of FINE GERMAN DESIGN is something that makes them stand apart from the competition. Across the main aspects that the team handle – conceptualisation, design, writing and production – they are committed to conceiving ideas clearly and unambiguously, designing them concisely and attractively, writing confidently and with style to ensure that each product is reliable and economical. As a full-service agency, the team are proud to be able to supply all the important needs that a cultural brand might require. They have expertise in advertising, designing for a multitude of mediums both traditional and digital and a long track record of success in brand strategy and corporate communications. When working alongside the team at FINE GERMAN DESIGN, clients often discover that there is far more potential for success that they had first considered. To ensure that all the values that FINE GERMAN DESIGN prizes can be implemented successfully into a project, the team take great pains to ensure that the right message is sent out through their work. An in-depth analysis of what is required is undertaken before work is started, allowing the team to thread the objectives of a product throughout the production process. The team’s incredibly breadth of ability allows them to offer creative solutions across different forms of media. The success of FINE GERMAN DESIGN is due in no small part to the superb team who make up the company. They are well-coordinated specialists who combine their skills to provide a bespoke concept quickly and effectively. The team greatly value their ability to offer a great deal of work inhouse, allowing clients to feel secure in the fact that all aspects of a project will be delivered to the same high standards. Projects are not handed from person to person, but carefully supervised throughout the development stage. This means that from initial concept to final implementation, there is one guiding force who not only knows the project inside and out, but knows what the client wants to. Fine design is hard to achieve, not just requiring the best designers, but an approach that puts people first. It doesn’t just mean reaching forward, but endeavouring to produce something timeless. This is especially true in the field of culture. The approach of the company in this sector is what has allowed them such success. Company: FINE GERMAN DESIGN Name: Carsten Wolff Web Address: