Media Innovator Awards 2020

Jul20081 Best SME Brand Development & Marketing Business - Orange County Founded in 2016, Let’s Bee Social Digital Marketing was created with a single goal in mind: to help passionate business owners create and develop their online presence. Now well established, the firm has achieved success in this year’s Media Innovator Awards from Corporate Vision Magazine. Following this success of the firm, we take a closer look to find out how it has become the Best SME Brand Development & Marketing Business in Orange County. Let’s Bee Social offers its clients a full range of digital marketing services, which have become infinitely more important to small and medium sized businesses in the past six months due to lockdown imposed by COVID-19. With services including SEO, content creation, social media marketing, brand consulting and development, photography, graphic design, and basically anything else that a client may need to grow their business’s online presence, Let’s Bee Social is perfect for SMEs that need to reach clients digitally. Despite offering such a wealth of services, the firm truly specializes in social media management, content creation, and brand consulting, with a 100% focus on organic methods working exclusively with small business owners and entrepreneurs. What makes Let’s Bee Social different to its competitors is the way it treats the client business as though it were its own business. The Let’s Bee Social team is genuinely invested in the success of the client, and will constantly go above and beyond to help them reach their individual online marketing goals. As such, the client retention rate for Let’s Bee Social is quite remarkable. Clients have stayed with the firm since its inception, and the bulk of the client roster is clients who have been with the firm for at least a full year. The desire to build long-term relationships is not wasted, and every client becomes like family to the team. Those long-term relationships continue to grow as the firm’s understanding of the latest techniques and technologies also grows. Making time for education is always important, and Let’s Bee Social has a healthy amount of it evident in its service every day. Looking at the competition and collaborating with others in the industry has always helped the firm to keep its finger on the pulse of what developments are taking place. The strategy for each client may vary from industry to industry, with some wanting to be at the forefront of emerging trends, and others wanting to see how trends play out before committing to them. Where others desperately seek to be a pacesetter, Let’s Bee Social understands that sometimes, it is a waiting game. Knowing the trends are important, but knowing how they perform and how they can be leveraged to fit each client’s needs, within their specific industry or niche, is an even bigger key to success. It is a constant trial-and-error process that not every client is up for, but Let’s Bee Social knows exactly when to push ahead, and when to follow behind. Internally, Let’s Bee Social is just as exceptional as it is outwardly. The culture is one of encouragement and enthusiasm, with everyone wholly focused on achieving continued success for each other. The client retention rate, the success rate, and the fact that most of the business comes from a referral base is testament to the incredible work ethic of the steam on a daily basis. Everyone is singularity focused with the client’s success in mind. Let’s Bee Social is constantly pivoting, adapting, and moulding itself to its client’s needs, to ensure that their business’s success comes first. As the future continues to shine brightly for Let’s Bee Social, the firm hopes to expand the education and non-profit sectors of its business moving forwards. Currently functioning with three classes offered through Skillshare, the team is working on adding at least two more, whilst the non-profit sector will focus on providing mentorship opportunities for entrepreneurial-minded young people. Let’s Bee Social is all about supporting it clients, and giving back to the communities that have supported its growth is just another way of showing the firm’s heart for helping the youth of today find success in their tomorrow. Ultimately, Let’s Bee Social is more than just an exceptional brand development and marketing business; it is a firm that invests in communities and drives engagement with young people in a way that makes the future very exciting indeed. Company: Let’s Bee Social Digital Marketing Contact: Audrey Buchanan, Owner and Digital Marketing Specialist Website: Instagram: