Media Innovator Awards 2021

Aug21662 Most Innovative Business Author (Alberta): Wael Badawy Wael Badawy, a Counselor, Mediator, & Arbitrator, has been making waves across a multitude of sectors and educational fields. With his outstanding writings, brilliant and insightful lectures, and empowering training courses that prepare students and professionals of all stripes for release into the ever-changing world of modern business, he is ensuring that the world is in good hands by giving the next – and current – generation of professionals the knowledge they need to succeed. Wael Badawy, Counselor, Mediator & Arbitrator, is a professional mind that has been making waves in his industry since he began working. With diligence, tenacity, and a dedication to changing people’s lives for the better, Wael Badawy has been named one of the top Business Leaders of Tomorrow, an accolade that pertains to his ability to inspire, guide, and challenge his fellow professionals. Fundamentally, his work involves speaking, writing, innovating, and coaching, having been a keynotes speaker for a myriad of influential panels past and present, and being in consistently high demand for the eloquent and elegant way he can present on everything from video surveillances architectures to Nano and Smart Systems, and even System of Chip for Bio Analysis. Such conferences and events always laud his work as outstanding, and are consistently well attended, with one 2003 System On Chip lecture in Egypt clocking in at 150 participants that were incredibly grateful to be benefitting from his knowledge and expertise. As a professor at the Nile University, a tenure that has lasted two years at this point, and being an Adjunct professor for the same amount of time, he has served Ain Shams University and the Arab Academy for Science, Technology, and Maritime Transport, all of which are found in the region of Giza. He is also a keen businessman. Essentially, by cultivating this side of his expertise, he ensures that his coaching, writing, and lecturing is all useful from a business perspective, applying the experience he earned as the partner and founder of the Canadian company, RC Innovation Management LLC. Before that, he cut his teeth in this trade by working with Win Your Brand for 5 years – going on 6 – as a facilitator, trainer, and presenter, offering Brand and Business Mastery Workshops that enabled participants to get an idea of how to effectively create a standout brand and business model. Moreover, Wael Badawy was educated at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette; in all of these previous globetrotting activities, one can see just how effectively he has broadened his own perspectives and ways of working to be able to serve as wide a market segment as possible. This has resulted in being able to work with many different facets of his audience effectively and sophisticatedly, communicating with his attendees on an empathic level. Furthermore, due to the breadth and depth of his industrial acumen, his services are in high demand, especially as a member of the Top 40 under 40 list, and the CEO of one of the top 50 Fastest Growing, most innovative companies. His writings and teachings have thus influenced the business journeys of many people all across the world, and he even volunteered as a mentor for the Canadian Youth Business Foundation to support and mentor 3 different young entrepreneurs throughout their initial forays into the wide world of business. This, in essence, further inspired his passion and drive to help people find the best ways to chase their calling. Above all else, Wael Badawy wishes to see the contemporary corporate world become the best it could possibly be, having himself gained first-hand knowledge in how to build seven multi-million-dollar sustainable businesses, all within a timescale of 6 months or less. Additionally, his worldwide service means that he has picked up several languages. Wael Badawy is fluent in 3 different languages and has used them to lecture more than 1.5 million entrepreneurs over his time offering his work, empowering students and scientists both of technology, innovation, business, and entrepreneurial spirit. With so many myriad experiences and knowledge bases at his back, Wael Badawy promises to be one of the most valuable speakers that you could choose to invite to your conference or event. Emboldened by his over 60,000 hours of teaching, lecturing, and keynote speaking – which he uses to truly transform people’s mindsets on business, engineering, technicalities, legalese, arbitration, despite resolution, and more – he has taught group sizes from as small as 6 to as large as 14,000+. This, critically, reassures clients that no matter the challenge, Wael Badawy will always be up to the task. He is undaunted by a challenge, and will always work hard to work out the best and most tailor-made way to deliver the knowledge that he and the organisation wish imparted to their professionals or young people, with a comprehensive understanding that everyone learns differently at the heart of his work. In this manner, he can also offer coaching on life transformation. Therefore, he uses his strategies as a consultant to ensure each student that he comes into contact with leaves more confident and with a deeper understanding of business, technology, and the future of both of these facets of the contemporary world, as well as with ways in which to apply this knowledge to their everyday lives. Of course, it does also need to be noted that his teaching and coaching sessions can be useful for anyone, at any stage of their career. Indeed, his audiences in the past have included everyone from powerful world leaders in government and industry, to business owners, entrepreneurs just starting out, entrepreneurs who are years into their journeys, graduates and masters students, seafaring folk, community leaders, new employees, engineers, scientists, doctors, and more. Anyone with a drive to make it and thrive in the modern professional world will find his writings and teaching utterly enlightening. Wael Badawy also founded the Entrepreneurship Driving License as a service provision hand in hand with his other teachings. This certificate has been earned by 17,000+ entrepreneurially minded people in the first year alone – all of whom have gone on to use what was taught to them during the accreditation to build their own businesses – and each of whom Wael Badawy is incredibly proud of. In short, this is where he finds the pride in what he does, in watching his students past and present take what he has given them and go on to reach even greater heights of success as a result.