Corporate Vision November 2017

CORPORATE VISION / November 2017 13 Innovative Global Leaders g solidifies our position as a world class cyber security, compliance and data protection specialist. We are constantly analysing the market and working alongside subject matter experts to offer the solutions that businesses need to remain cyber secure and regulatory compliant. This approach has established us as an innovative entity in the UK and our mission is to gain the same recognition globally.” Bringing the interview to a close, Robert takes time to discuss how the company are moving forward, by adapting and employing the latest technology trends. For example, MetaCompliance have moved to cloud and transformed their offering into a cloud first product suite. “Here at MetaCompliance, we are always on the lookout to improve our eLearning offering by employing the latest design trends, adding gamified elements and aligning our content with current television and filmmaking standards. The tech industry is one of the most dynamic industries out there, and we will continue to evolve with it, adapting and innovating. As for what the future holds, we see the development of connected devices becoming more prominent over the next five years, along with the continuous rise of human based cyber- attacks which will become even more sophisticated and targeted. It’s an exciting time to be in this market. Looking ahead, Robert details the future aspirations for MetaCompliance, highlighting the future plans that the company has in store. “As a business, we are scaling fast and, alongside our main offices in Derry, we have offices in Birmingham, Dublin and London. Shortly we will be opening our first North American office, as we begin to step up our operations in North America and across the globe. Finally, we will continue to solidify our position as a leader in the UK and Ireland.”