Corporate Vision November 2017

20 CORPORATE VISION / November 2017 , Drawing on the vast industry experience of its founders, ReModel International provides a range of personal, professional and corporate programmes tomeet the individual needs of its clients. We invited James La Trobe-Bateman to tell us more about the firmand explore how they came to be named one of 2017’s Ones toWatch in Consultancy. Changing the Face of Consultancy Established in 1997, ReModel is a UK registered firm serving predominantly US clients. James explores the firm’s service offering and how it works to provide clients with a truly exceptional service at all times. “Here at ReModel, we are consultants to medical device manufacturers. Originally the firm was started to support clients with improvements in manufacturing; we have saved 3 factories from likely closure by showing that the alternatives made worse sense. This is the operations side of business; bigger decisions are made by marketing people. They are hungry for market insights, and this is now where most of our work is concentrated. “However, in today’s market, industry insights are still not enough; business needs a forward view that calls for more creativity. As such, the current paradigm will have to be replaced. The search for that replacement must start when the current approach is still working just fine. It is a hard call to persuade management to take, and that usually also means the shareholders, but the most sustainable companies take this approach. Therefore, at ReModel, our newest focus is on showing the individuals concerned how to take the necessary leaps.” Central to the success of ReModel is the success that they achieve for their clients, which ensures that they return and recommend the firm to others, as James is proud to emphasise. “To date, our business has grown entirely by referral and repeat clients. When companies downsize or reorganize, those displaced get new jobs elsewhere. When they get settled in new positions, they call us again at their new companies and we end up with a new client company. At the same time, we typically retain the old one. Our very first customer of more than 20 years, still comes back to us regularly. This highlights the fact that, ultimately, our clients love the service: it´s fast and flexible, they have even nicknamed us ‘The Dynamic Duo’. Clients want to know who will be actually doing the work, not just who is selling it. We mostly work to a fixed fee with expenses included. That’s contrary to the ‘billable hour’ business model of the big consultancies. “Fundamentally, the secret to our success is that people remember us. On one ‘Wheels Across America’ road trip visiting clients, Lorrie and I were driving from Texas to California, when we received an email from someone we had worked with eight years previously in upstate New York and had lost track of him. He asked if we were going to be in Los Angeles any time soon. We would be there within three days, and when we arrived we saw and within the week we had his issues sorted out.” At the core of ReModel’s vision is the drive to change the way consultants are viewed; not as charlatans, as many in the corporate landscape see them, but as vital support and service providers. James explains how the firm is working to achieve this through its service offering. “Overall, our aim is to change the face of consultancy. The word ‘Consultant’ ought to be viewed as positively as the word ‘Doctor’. Why isn’t it? We have a client who went through a period when the CEO banned the use of consultants in the company. Ostensibly it was to save money, but clearly he did not think consultants were worth what they were paid. We had to stop calling ourselves ‘consultants’ for a while. We were the only one (as far as we know) that kept working with them. We still do to this day. You only get repeat 1711CV05 and referral business if you continue to provide more value than it costs your client. This is, of course, the recipe for success anywhere.” Looking to the future, James and Co-Founder Lorrie A MacGilvray have many invigorating developments for ReModel which he is keen to share with us. “Moving forward, we are turning our attention to the ‘paradigm shift’ problem. In an ever evolving world, the ability to adapt is vital. We are rolling out what we have learned, and what Co-Founder Lorrie has done for years, previously to our corporate clients and starting to market this online. This will be our Quantum Leap to help so many more people and we are excited for this development.”