Corporate Vision November 2017

26 CORPORATE VISION / November 2017 , Progress offers the best platform for building and deploying tomorrow’s applications quickly and easily. Recently, the company were selected in the Corporate Vision’s Business Innovator Awards as the Best for CognitiveManufacturing Software 2017 &Most Innovative CEO in IIoT. We took time to profile the firm to discover more about their innovative ways. Dream Big, Build Bigger With data exploding, digital devices are booming. Everything needs to be connect, as such developers need to deliver more sophisticated apps, faster than before. Which is why Progress shines. Rebranded in 1984 to Progress, the company has always been at forefront for delivering platform and tools that organisations need to develop and deploy mission-critical business applications. With the types of devices and interfaces on which applications run multiply, the amount of systems that need to be connected has risen. As such, the amount of data that needs to be harnessed continues to skyrocket, with organisations looking for a modern platform that will enable them to quickly and easily develop and deliver tomorrow’s applications. At Progress, they offer their clients one of the best platforms for building and deploying tomorrow’s applications quickly, easily and efficiently. The company also offers their clients flexible frontend tooling for delivering an engaging and multi- channel UX, a modern, reliable, scalable and secure backend to build and run microservices. As well as, leading data connectivity capabilities for harnessing data from business systems and any other data source, whether on site or in the cloud. Customers at Progress range the globe, and includes thousands of ISVs that build their business application offerings on Progress. Also, there are tens of thousands of organisations that use Progress to help them build their own mission-critical applications. Recently, Progress were awarded the titles Best for Cognitive Manufacturing Software 2017 & Most Innovative CEO in IIoT in Corporate Vision’s Business Innovator Awards. The success in these awards is a testament to the company’s innovative ways, dedication to their industry and to their clients. Throughout their almost 40 years of delivering high class, quality service, the company have achieved many accomplishments over the years. In 2017, Progress strengthened its cognitive-first strategy with the acquisition of DataRPM, which is one of the best-of-breed machine learning company that is focused on cognitive predictive maintenance and Kinvey – the leader in backend as a service (BaaS) technology. Moving forward, Progress looks to emulate the success that they’ve had thus far, reaching for new heights and continuing to provide their clients with the service they truly deserve. 1709CV08 Contact: Anita Raj Contact Email: [email protected] Company: Data Rpm, 220 C Twin Dolphin Drive Redwood City, California CA 94065, USA Telephone: 001 65074 37020 Website: