Ones to Watch Supplement 2018

10 CORPORATE VISION / Ones toWatch 2018 , 1805CV06 Forza! Direct Marketing describe themselves as being “in the results business” rather than in the marketing business. It’s an apt differentiation for a firm that has, over its lifetime, been the driving force behindmany a companies’ organic growth. In April this year, Corporate Vision Magazine named Forza among the winners of Ireland’s 2018 Ones toWatch programme, with the title of Ireland’s Most InnovativeMarketing Business. Following this deserved win, we take a look behind the scenes, and see just how Forza has grown to become one of Ireland’s most accomplishedmarketing firms. Offering a Unique Approach to Digital Marketing Established in 2010, Forza! Direct Marketing was founded on a unique belief in the marketing industry - thatB2B or B2C considerations are, simply, unimportant. In their view, a P2P, people to people, approach is the key to enduring success in the sector, through creating meaningful, highly-targeted campaigns that aim to influence consumer behaviour. In many ways, this approach makes sense. By nullifying the image of a business as a whole, and instead focus on the business as the sum of its people - who can all be influenced through targeted marketing - Forza has tapped into an unmined vein of potential. There is less ‘guesswork’ when it comes to this individualistic way of thinking, and plays into the sort of ‘bread-and-butter’ of marketing; a need recognition – finding out what people want and working from there. By all regards, it’s an avenue that few are pursuing, and it has, so far at least, paid off for Forza. Tying into this is Forza’s belief that marketing is all about the art of persuasion. Good marketers can persuade anyone to click, read, open and digest anything. You’ve just got to have the right approach. As a full-service creative agency, Forza’s team is comprised of a graphic designer, copywriter, and software solutions and web specialist – ensuring that the perfect approach to their client’s marketing problem is well within reach. A winner of numerous accolades, Forza has been an almost constant presence on the awards circuit. Named among the Top 50 Irish Marketers earlier this year, they’ve also won back to back recognition for web design. Forza have a noted history of producing exceptional ‘best-of-breed’ work. Regardless of the project at hand, Forza have a remarkable reputation for thinking ‘outside of the box’, approaching problems in truly novel ways to create the best solution possible. They’ve worked wonders with their clients, often reimagining a brand from the ground up, and propelling them towards a brighter, more profitable future. Company: Forza! Direct Marketing Address: Building 1000, Floor 2, City Gate, Mahon, Cork, T12 W7CV, Ireland Website: Telephone: 00353 21 240 9022