Ones to Watch Supplement 2018

CORPORATE VISION / Ones to Watch 2018 11 , Vennetics is an internet age company that brings together a forward looking, business orientated teamwith proven experience in both the communications and Video on Demand industries. We invited John Barron to tell us more about his company and the subsequent success the firmhas achieved through its excellent services. Monetising OTT Video Traffic on Your Network Headquartered in Ireland, Vennetics is ten years old this year and the firm has grown since its inception, now holding offices in the UK and Ireland. The company’s main product offering is its Mobile Video Platform (MVP), which is designed to address two key pain points that exist in the market today; browsing fatigue and monetising OTT video traffic. John starts off the discussion by explaining the reasoning behind browsing fatigue and what Vennetics does to help in this regard. “I am sure, like me, you have rented a movie only to discover later that the same movie was available to view on Netflix, Amazon, another S-VoD or catch-up service. It is frustrating, but it also happens far too often and many times that you often do not even realise you have done it. Well, the good news is that Vennetics MVP is designed to ensure this never happens again. “Essentially, the MVP provides an aggregated search capability that spans all of the leading Video on Demand (VoD) services. It uniquely curates content into one easy-to-use App, allowing users to search and discover movies and TV shows across multiple VoD services simultaneously. We even take the user directly to the movie or TV show on the content service provider’s App.” Crucial to the company’s success has been the team’s ability to overcome certain challenges which have arisen within the sector. John is keen to explain which aspects of the sector the firm has capitalised on in order to succeed, including monetising OTT video traffic. “The key challenge for operators is to become better at monetising the delivery of these OTT video services. Vennetics MVP addresses this challenge by delivering a new and lucrative revenue stream, from generous commissions earned through agreements with the leading content providers. These commissions help carriers monetise the significant and increasing volumes of OTT video traffic across their networks.” Featuring in Corporate Vision’s Ones to Watch in 2018, there are a variety of reasons as to why the company stands out in the industry. John explains 1805CV14 why the constant and innovative developments in the sector have seen Vennetics adapt and tailor its services, meaning it can deliver solutions that no other company can across the market. “Essentially, there is need to deliver a unified multiscreen experience to viewers at anytime and anywhere. This is forcing service providers, like mobile operators, to reinvent themselves to offer highly personalised video content and value-added services in order to support their customer’s viewing habits. “Fundamentally, the beauty of Vennetics MVP is that it delivers an app based service that’s jam packed with the latest Hollywood blockbusters and leading TV shows at a fraction of the cost that competing solutions do. We achieve this by leveraging content from existing VoD and TV providers, which removes the significant cost that is normally associated with delivering a VoD solution, such as negotiating with studios for access to every new release, and taking responsibility for implementing and policing DRM. Other aspects that help save costs, include CDNs and transcoding for an ever-changing set of devices, new billing and customer care systems for video- on-demand.” Looking to capitalise on this success, there are a very busy few months ahead for Vennetics, and with more Mobile Video Platform deployments in the UK, Europe and the company’s first carrier in Asia, these are exciting times for Vennetics. As the company continues to move forward and expand its offerings, there is widespread optimism amongst the team at Vennetics that the company will further establish itself as a leader within the Video and TV Search / Discovery industry both in Ireland and internationally. Company: Vennetics Contact: John Barron Address: Creative Spark, Clontygora Ct, Muirhevnamore, Dundalk, Co Louth, A91 HF77, Ireland Phone: 353868152693 Website: