Oral Health and Dentistry Awards 2023

GHP Oral Health & Dentistry Awards 2023 even in this digital age. Any feedback the team receive, positive or not so, is taken on board, dealt with, and appreciated. It is a combination of these feedback and referrals that led to the success of the practice’s Kids Go Free campaign, something that has since been adopted by other dental surgeries across London. While the picture being painted here is one of continued success and prosperity, things have not always been easy for Maggie and the team, and it is important to acknowledge the hardships faced along the way and how they have shaped the business into what it is today. Maggie was ecstatic when she bought the practice in March 2019, and paid for a complete refurbishment and renovation that would be completed later on that same year. However, as Maggie tells us, “two weeks after the final set of equipment arrived, we went into lockdown. The practice had no income at all for five months.” It would be fair to say that this almost totalled the business, but the drive and determination possessed by the team meant that upon re-opening in July 2020, rapid recovery and unprecedented growth was experienced. Aiding in this was a series of online projects that had been undertaken during the lockdown, with Maggie taking on speaking roles and moving her life coaching business online. A couple of years later, Mill Hill Dental Practice launched its “Holistic Dental” series, which played out on the company YouTube channel, MillHillDp. Through this online series, a range of myths were explored surrounding dentistry and Maggie answered frequently asked questions. The channel is set to for a re-launch in 2024, and we are excited to see what sort of content will grace the platform over the coming years. In addition to this, Maggie is working on her life coaching podcasts and has recently released two books. As for the future of the practice, more new team members are being introduced, and it is the aim of the team to increase access to its nutrition sources, educating people on improving their general health. Mill Hill is a proud sponsor of Barnet FC, which is part of its community outreach work, and is a Same Day Smile clinic in association with Avant Garde. This means that people from all over the UK can have access to the best care available. Having honed its craft and successfully reduced treatment times, made dentistry pain-free, and created beautiful and healthy smiles for young and old alike, Mill Hill Dental Practice London stands by its motto of “You Smile We Smile”, serving as a beacon of excellence and positivity in an industry that many people find intimidating. It is for these reasons that Mill Hill, Dr. Maggie Andi, and everyone else in this expert team deserve this award, and we are excited to see what the future holds for them as they continue to pioneer the latest and greatest in both cosmetic and general dental treatments. Contact Details Email Address: [email protected] Contact: Our reception team on 02089591208 & Whatsapp business +447482428123 Company: Mill Hill Dental Practice London Web Address: https://millhilldentist.co.uk/