Private Education & Development Awards 2019

18 Corporate Vision 2019 Private Education & Development Awards , Institut auf demRosenberg Most Prestigious International Boarding School 2019 - Switzerland: Institut auf dem Rosenberg Thanks to its illustrious history spanningmore than 130 years, artisans of education Institut auf demRosenberg are welcoming students aged 6 – 19 years old fromaround the world to experience an international educationwith an entrepreneurial mindset, which challenges the stereotypical educational paradigm. As part of our showcase of a selection of the winners from this year’s Private Education &Development Awards we profile the school to learnmore. Apr19411 Opened in 1889, the Institut auf dem Rosenberg draws on its rich history of excellence in teaching to offer students a truly exceptional programme of activities beyond the core curriculum, designed to prepare them for a future world, where digitalisation and globalisation will irrevocably alter the world as we know it today. Rosenberg prides itself on providing a truly holistic education beyond the classroom preparing the students for roles of leadership in the 21st Century. Rosenberg has been in the Gademann family for four generations, and speaking with that experience, Headmaster Bernhard Gademann takes an unorthodox stance to education commenting: “Schools kill creativity instead of enabling it; they also tend to fear individuality whereas we focus on educating forming personalities. In a world in which artificial intelligence has an increasingly prominent role, the last human bastion are our ingenious minds and our unique ability to collaborate. Yet, schools do not adapt quickly enough, with teaching styles and content remaining almost unchanged for the past 120 years. We challenge this stereotype and refuse to run an educational establishment like a factory line. Our unique Talent & Enrichment Programme offers a completely new perspective, preparing the first truly enlightened generation for leadership in an exciting new world.” The ‘Talent & Enrichment Programme’ offers over 40 courses in a diverse array of fields including product design, biotechnology, hotel management, digital art, international law and artificial intelligence to name a few, along with a rich sports programme of 30 activities. Rosenberg is also continuously investing in state-of-the-art technology such as the latest generation of smart boards as well as their own school app, designed to augment a student’s learning experience and a secure platform for dialogue with teachers. The schools Creative Lab is a unique experimental facility, allowing student to explore their creativity and be introduced to the latest advances in technology, collaborating with large corporations as well as start-up companies. Rosenberg focuses on the personal strengths and ambitions of each student and carefully tracks their individual development. Small classes, averaging eight students with a teacher to student ratio of 1:3 ensures that each student meets their full academic potential. Rosenberg’s wide choice of academic courses is unique not only amongst private boarding schools in Switzerland, but also the world. The academic offering extends across 5 different options, including British GCE Advanced Levels (A Levels), the American High School Diploma, AP Examinations, the IB DP (International Baccalaureate) as well as the GIB (German International Baccalaureate), so a curriculum can be chosen that suits the individual. The school has strong ties and partnerships with thoughts leaders, prominent companies and organisations across different sectors to ensure the content being taught is up to date and relevant; they also offering inspiring trips abroad. They describe their culture as a ‘130-year-old start-up’ and they boast an Innovation Department ensuring that research and development are at the heart of everything they do, positioning them as world leaders in forward-thinking education. Bernhard Gademann summarises the current status quo in education and Rosenberg’s forward-thinking alternative approach: “The disconnect between skills taught in traditional schools and the requirements to succeed in the professional world has never been this extensive. With change taking an exponential trajectory, this gap will only grow bigger. Rosenberg bridges this gap by merging the academic world with the learning requirements of the 21st Century.” CONTACT DETAILS: Company: Institut auf dem Rosenberg Name: Manuel Bernardo Address: Höhenweg 60, 9000 St. Gallen, Switzerland Telephone Number: +41 71 277 77 77 Email: [email protected]