Security Awards 2023

Offering cost-effective and practical solutions to airports, airlines, and the Federal Government, STS provides consulting services for the whole lifecycle of a baggage handling system project, including the planning, design, installation, commissioning, integration, close-out, and transition stages. STS is well-equipped to successfully guide these projects to completion in a changing marketplace, with unrivalled knowledge and understanding of the Department of Homeland Security’s Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Planning Guidelines and Design Standards (PGDS). With this expertise, STS assists clients with TSA design submittal compliance, mitigating impacts on the schedule and cost of the project. The company is also highly familiar with other international regulating authority processes, procedures, and requirements for checked baggage inspection systems and passenger screening security. Over the years, STS has performed a wide variety of assignments for airports, airlines, and the TSA, building an impressive portfolio and demonstrating the well-rounded capabilities of the staff it employs to take on these tasks. Amongst this vast portfolio are projects that took place at notable airports such as JFK International, Orlando International, and more. With services that contribute towards the safety of the public, it is crucial for STS to hire members of staff who are suitable for the roles they work in. Since the infamous attacks of 11th September 2001, the US Federal Government has deployed a vast number of security improvements in airports across the country. To facilitate this, all of those working within the industry, including the current staff at STS, have worked hard to expand their excellence and expertise in baggage handling systems and checked bag security. The workforce at STS therefore consists of some of the most capable and experienced professionals in the industry who have worked on highly complex checked baggage inspection systems. Throughout their careers, they have continually built expertise through innovation and have established the best practices by learning from their past experiences. By recruiting and retaining the best talent, STS has become the go-to firm for comprehensive design and management services for the TSA, working through various subcontracting roles. As a result, the company has built a strong team of staff who work hard to exceed expectations and deliver successful projects, time and time again. This is why the company continues to receive glowing feedback from clients, which can be viewed on its website. STS was founded by Larry Studdiford, who has 28 years of experience in the industry, having worked on the design, project management, asset management, and commissioning of complex baggage handling systems and checked baggage inspection systems. He is highly familiar with the policies and practices of the TSA, having worked alongside Leading Transportation Security Services Provider 2023 - Virginia Founded in 2015, Studdiford Technical Solutions (STS), LLC, is a small consulting firm based in the US that specialises in aviation technology, baggage handling and screening, and transportation security. With a diverse team of experienced staff, STS caters to all clients’ baggage handling system needs, consistently delivering projects to a high standard.