Security Awards 2024

Security Awards 2024 | 13 GTB Technologies® is on a mission to ensure regulatory compliance with Personal Identifiable Information, providing data protection solutions that offer complete visibility. By leveraging proprietary algorithms, and AI, organisations of any size can find ways to improve data protection that could be otherwise missed. With GTB Technologies®’ Data Security that Works® platform, organisations can collaborate and secure data assets seamlessly both inside and outside their premises. Uzi Yair, CEO of GTB Technologies®, says, “The migration to cloud computing is in full force. We see companies dismantling their onpremises network and moving to the cloud. Organizations are short of security administrators and are looking to offload Data Security to a third party as a service. At the same time, companies are looking to leverage accurate solutions for better decision making, less alert fatigue, as well as anomalies detection.” As the innovator behind DLP for Intellectual Property and DLP for Compliance, GTB’s Data Security that Works® Platform offers a reliable solution that allows clients to create, manage, and enforce security policies to control when data can or cannot be moved. GTB’s Data in Motion and Data in Use facets of the platform are unique in its ability to identify and eliminate threats with accurate, real-time detection, control, and prevention of sensitive data exfiltration. GTB’s solutions are designed to accurately discover and classify sensitive data when in motion, or stored in any location, regardless of the file format, all with virtually zero false positives. GTB Technologies® offers the only Data Protection solution that is not hindered by false-positive events, protecting even the most difficult data protection use cases. From its single central management console, GTB offers a streamlined solution to meet all organisations Data Security needs. Its Enterprise Data Security that Works® platform takes only 20 minutes to initially set up, offering complete visibility on networks, endpoints, and within cloud storage. As companies move their operations to the cloud, they soon discover that Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) solutions cannot provide comprehensive, enterprise data loss prevention or allow users to completely control their cloud usage. With GTB’s Data Discovery, Dynamic Data Classification, and GTB StealthFence™, organizations gain comprehensive insight into, monitor, and analyse sensitive data repositories operating within their systems, whether they are officially sanctioned or part of shadow IT. GTB Data Discovery stands out as a unique solution in this realm, as it not only reveals confidential data but also definitively establishes its absence. GTB StealthFence™ is designed to eliminate risks and cut costs by reducing the damage from Shadow IT, including information on specific cloud user accounts, malware, insiders, and anonymisers. As a technology leader, GTB Technologies® understands the importance of creating a culture of innovation within the workplace With the growing increase in data threats, consumer cloud usage, and malware, it has become increasingly difficult for IT departments to maintain compliance and protect their Intellectual Property and sensitive assets. GTB Technologies® offers clients a Data Protection platform designed to secure sensitive data assets seamlessly and prevent unauthorised distribution of regulatory and Intellectual Property data. Recognised in Corporate Vision’s Security Awards, GTB Technologies® is dedicated to keeping data secure and protected to help organisations collaborate and remain in control. Most Trusted Global Data Security Enterprise 2024 and strives to support staff’s development. Uzi Yair shares, “GTB’s staff is the jewel asset of the company. With an average tenure of around 17 years, our employees are dedicated to the success of our customers and are extremely loyal to the company and to each other.” “The company seeks honest people with strong curiosity and the desire to learn and improve. GTB’s internal culture is that the ‘customer is always right’ and that a customer issue or feature request is a GTB issue. The company conducts monthly audits with customers to ensure project success.” Looking to the future, GTB is developing an array of new products and features for Network Security and Email Security by leveraging AI and Machine Learning. These products will warn administrators when network anomalies are detected such as Intrusion, Malware, Viruses, Phishing, and more. This innovative company will also release a CASB solution which will become part of its Data Security that Works® platform, that today already has many facets of the important features of a CASB. GTB Technologies®’ solutions offer companies the unique ability to see who is accessing sensitive data and where, when, and how data is moving inside and outside the organisation - accurately. By utilising its solutions, customers can reduce the risks and costs associated with data breaches and advanced threats. GTB has pioneered and developed its Data Security that Works® Platform to provide unparalleled real-time visibility and control of content for clients’ on-premises and cloud channels. For its commitment to complete data security, we have bestowed on GTB Technologies® this year’s award for Most Trusted Global Data Security Enterprise. Contact: L. Stone Company: GTB Technologies, Inc. Web Address: