Security Awards 2024

Corporate Vision Ubique Risk Management plays many important roles in the security industry and as Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), it has provided counterterrorism security consultancy to various Local Authority Councils in Northwest England. In order to help its clientele, the company collaborates closely with clients and advises them on Vehicle as a Weapon (VAW) attack mitigation programmes, assisting in the identification and implementation of security measures in response to threat assessments from Police Counter Terrorism Security Advisors (CTSAs). Looking ahead, Ubique Risk Management plans to initiate a programme aimed at alleviating VAW attacks in a large metropolitan borough town centre, signalling its commitment to expanding its security services in this domain. Its proactive approach emphasizes the company’s dedication to safeguarding communities and mitigating emerging security threats. Ubique Risk Management truly believes in growth of the community together, so it delivers a range of training courses endorsed by leading awarding bodies and skill academies, globally. It is also planning to help people on their career journey through apprenticeship and work experience schemes to enhance their capabilities, knowledge, skills, and experience. Ubique Training Academy invests in the development of security personnel and incident response specialists and, by doing so, the company contributes to the continuous improvement of the security industry. Embodying the ethos of delivering success with excellence and integrity, Ubique Risk Management has earned recognition as the Best SME Security Service 2024 – UK. This accolade reflects the company’s firm commitment to providing first-class security services to its clients. With a focus on innovation, collaboration, and community growth, this company remains dedicated to shaping the future of security training and consultancy, ensuring a safer and more resilient society. Contact: Richard Ross Company: Ubique Risk Management Web Address: Best SME Security Service 2024 - UK Spanning the public realm, local authority, national healthcare, manufacturing, corporate and civil nuclear industry, Ubique Risk Management is a company providing highly qualified and experienced security risk management specialists, project managers, and specialist trainers to support its clients globally. With its consultative and bespoke collaborative approach, this company put the needs of clients first and deliver safe and secure environments that meet business as well as regulatory requirements for the protection of assets against applicable threats. This is exactly why Ubique Risk Management has won its title within our Security Awards 2024. We learn more about the company as we explore its offerings. Established in 2011, Ubique Risk Management has garnered a distinguished reputation for its exceptional quality of aiding organisations in achieving their objectives by offering business-focused consulting services. These services encompass project assurance, auditing, technical analysis, counter terrorism, security management, security design, nuclear non-proliferation, emergency preparedness and response, as well as specialist training. With a wealth of expertise spanning decades, the company’s specialists tailor their services to meet the specific needs and demands of their clientele, establishing themselves as trusted partners in their endeavours. Thus, many clients have maintained long-standing relationships with Ubique Risk Management after being drawn to the company’s expert staff. The company possesses a cadre of highly skilled and qualified specialists including project managers accredited by the Association of Project Management (APM). These professionals seamlessly integrate with their clients’ teams, facilitating effective portfolio, programme, and project delivery while ensuring regulatory compliance. Moreover, with experience across diverse project lifecycles, these managers are extremely skilled at navigating various challenges that may arise. Additionally, Ubique Risk Management actively supports the expansion of the nuclear industry in the United Kingdom, advocating for increased nuclear generation to meet growing energy demands. In this pursuit, the company extends its expertise to nuclear licensees and supply chains, fortifying nuclear security arrangements through integrated security and emergency response management. Equipped with up-to-date knowledge and skills in accordance with industry standards and guidance, the company’s specialists play a pivotal role in safeguarding nuclear facilities and assets. Ubique Risk Management’s Suitably Qualified and Experienced Personnel (SQEP), are well connected to a network that enables it to receive accurate intelligence reports. Its Senior Consultant and Managing Director, Richard Ross says, “Our network equips us with the very latest approved mitigation methods across the entire spectrum of security management, including specialised focus on nuclear security training on a global scale. This ensures that our team stays at the forefront of knowledge and skills in this critical area, providing our clients with comprehensive security solutions.”