Corporate Vision September 2017

22 CORPORATE VISION / September 2017 , Genesis of the World’s First AR Headphone Optinvent is a wearable technology company, specialised in cutting edge head worn displays and devices. This year, they were delighted to win the 2017 Technology CEO of the Year - United States accolade, after whichwe interviewed KayvanMirza to learnmore about the company’s work inmaking augmented reality both affordable and reliable. Optinvent is a wearable technology company. Their first product, the ‘ORA glass’ smart glasses, targets B2B customers, which is the first market to adopt this type of product. This company is making augmented reality both affordable and reliable. The ORA glass can be used on assembly lines for manufacturing, training and quality control, as well as in the field for inspection, repair and maintenance. Their upcoming product, the ORA-X targets the B2C market. It is the world’s first Smart AR Headphone. This is a disruptive new device, that will revolutionise the AR space as well as enable a new mobile entertainment experience, by combining mobile audio and virtual AR display. Starting on a note of optimism, the company’s Kayvan Mirza explains how they ensure that clients always receive the best possible outcome after a sale. “We pride ourselves in giving the customer great value for their money and as such, we provide a high level of support when they use our products. For the B2B market as an example, we manufacture our own devices (ORA-2 smart glass), which gives us total control over the entire process and the company can also solve problems in real time. “This is something that is much easier to do in a company that makes their own products, rather than one that outsources the manufacturing process. Furthermore, the small and nimble team at Optinvent is always there to support the customer, in case of any problems when they use the ORA glass in their specific environment.” Kayvan then tells us his thoughts on 2017 Technology CEO of the Year – United States and the key attributes that make him an award-winning business leader. “It is certainly an honour to have been selected. I’m sure that during the evaluation process, there were many great candidates. It’s a great feeling to have beaten out Elon Musk and Tim Cook! “To be successful, what’s important is perseverance, flexibility, vision and of course cash management! It’s been ten years since I co-founded the company with my partner, Optinvent’s CTO. During that time, there have been many twists and turns along the way. The company has gotten so close to hitting bottom a few times and yet, we’ve had the will to survive, pivot and find new avenues. “Optinvent has stuck to our vision, but we’ve been flexible enough to fine tune that vision. Optinvent doesn’t give up and we are in it for the long run. Plus, we’ve had to keep an eye on the bottom line and make sure our cash doesn’t run out, before the company can bring product to the market. “What I tend to see a lot of new start-up entrepreneurs, who think that it’s all glory and no pain. It’s not about the hype and the buzz from the press. It’s about building something new and significant with very limited resources. At the end of the day, creating new technologies and products is hard work. It’s about inventing something from scratch that hasn’t been done before and managing the few resources you have. “One must be creative, but you also must execute on every 1707CV02 aspect all the while keeping an eye on the schedule, the cash burn and still find time to motivate your team. This can be stressful at times but the learning experience is well worth it, success or not. It’s certainly a journey that is not for the faint of heart or for those who are easily discouraged.” Working within the wider industry, Kayvan then underlines the techniques the firm employs to stay ahead of any emerging developments. “We are constantly refining and fine tuning the company’s technology and products. It’s a never-ending cycle of continuous improvement. We benchmark versus the competition frequently, but it’s not a horse race. You must stick to your plan and go as fast as you can, within the means available. “The main technique that we use is to put ourselves in the customers’ shoes and try to understand what they expect. What is important to them? How will they use and interact with the product? Where are their pain points? What functionality and performance is absolutely necessary for them? You must have thorough understood of what is expected versus