Corporate Vision September 2017

CORPORATE VISION / September 2017 27 The firm’s specialists always work as the team. Anna tells us that any internal competition or competing for the business of a client, are far from welcome at Voropaev & Partners Ltd. “Our lawyers are experts in different branches of law, indeed they possess various skills as well as both seasoned professional and life experience. It is only the exchange of this knowledge, professional skills and experience that can provide a high professional level of legal services, always providing a qualitative result, as the client expects. “Any aspiration to education and self-development are strongly Name: Anna Nechai Email: anna.nechai@voropaev- Web Address: Address: 3А Desiatynna St, Kyiv, 01001 Ukraine Telephone: +38 445017773, +38 0939815988 Specialist Legal Services in Ukraine g supported at our firm. Indeed, we encourage the employees themselves to make decisions on what to study and which skills to develop, rather than the management doing so on their behalf. At that, we believe that the employees define the areas in which they wish to develop, which of course will ultimately benefit the firm and contribute towards the provision of legal services to our clients. “That is why when we are seeking new staff, so when we do this we pay attention to not only to knowledge and skills, but also to both human characteristics and life experience.” In closing, Anna tells us that Voropaev & Partners Ltd. are planning to enter markets abroad and to therefore provide legal services in jurisdictions such as Czech Republic, Slovakia, Switzerland and the Netherlands. She then outlines some of the wider industry challenges they are facing. “We consider that tax legislation and the taxation scheme here, will change in the future. Such changes, we believe, will be substantial. In the Ukraine, the number of people requiring assistance in relations with the tax authorities, completing tax returns and reports will increase. Soon, the general submission of tax returns will be introduced, which will lead to an increased demand for legal assistance, where tax issues in this country are concerned.”