Corporate Vision September 2017

28 CORPORATE VISION / September 2017 , Anything as a Service Sagari are market leaders in providing cloud computing and virtualisation. The firm is delighted to win theMost Innovative Tech Firm2017 – UK accolade, within the 2017 Tech of the Year Awards. We spoke to the founder, Steven John to learnmore about the firm’s cost- effective and scalable solution. Sagari is an outsourced IT provider, specialising in providing cloud services, IT strategy, security and compliance, working with B2B in the financial industry and businesses that require specialist security and compliance requirements. Sagari founder, Steven John sets the scene for us, by detailing the firm’s services and why quality management is a key principle for them. He also explains the firm’s philosophy when it comes to approaching the customer. “Sagari help business identify the solutions and services needed by delivering short and long- term IT strategies that focus on the core areas of support, security and compliance. We can then add value to identify key drivers for the business, such as workflow automation, knowledge management, IT efficiencies and business intelligence. Sagari will build this into a roadmap, so customers can understand this by assigning resource, budgets and timeframes to facilitate each requirement. This helps the customer to dedicate time and plan effectively. “Quality management is a key principle in our business, which is why we are an ISO 9001 accredited firm. Sagari process and automate as far as possible, so we can ensure a consistently high level of service from on-boarding, through to the day- to-day running of the services provided, which is regularly reviewed. “We changed our approach for undertaking new clients and projects, by looking at what the customer wants to achieve long- term, as part of their IT strategy. Understanding the customer better and working with them a lot closer in general, was a key driver for undertaking a new project, because the customer trusted Sagari to take over more responsibility and were assigned more opportunities as a result.” Sagari used to outsource their support services to an external supplier, to provide the services they offered, Steven tells us. He goes on to develop this point in his own words, as well as outlining some of the firm’s key qualities. “The firm knew we had to bring this all in-house, to bring things up to a quality standard we were happy with and to take back a lot more control to grow the business in the direction Sagari wanted to. This has been an incredibly complex, time-consuming and expensive task, but knew we would reap the rewards once this was back with Sagari. Now, we have far more flexibility and can provide the level of customer care and service excellence that the customers expect. “Sagari possess some key qualities, which we feel make us very successful. We brought in our roadmaps, which have become fundamental in cementing and building the firm’s business relationship to define trust, adding value, setting expectations and delivering exemplary service. Together with Sagari’s superior support and quality controls, we have retained and grown our business through this success.” Steven then directs our thoughts to the today tech business, which is certainly a vastly changing industry. “If you stay static for too long, then customers will leave and you won’t be competitive for attracting new business. Sagari feel the industry has moved away from purely hosted solutions, such as hosted desktops and are opting for hybrid solutions which provides improved benefits in business continuity, more opportunity for innovation, scalability, risk management and secure systems to name a few. 1709CV06 These changes have affected the business, due to a lot of investment in moving to a fully hosted model, but now have addressed many of these issues and feel we are cutting-edge and current in our service offerings. “There are many changes happening, such as ‘anything as a service’, artificial intelligence and business learning. What we offered six months ago, is already out-of-date. Furthermore, with the ever-increasing complexities of compliance, such as ISO requirements and now the new GDPR regulation, customers want IT providers to understand and help with these issues. Customers expect their IT systems to just work and are more interested in seeing value for resolving bigger issues, through technology.” Sagari have recognised that they need to change their business quickly, to attempt to stay one step ahead, Steven adds. In closing, he expands on this important point, before detailing the firm’s aspirations for the future. “We are beginning to invest more in researching emerging trends and technologies, so Sagari can be planning our own IT strategy. Sagari are heavily moving more and more into cyber security