Small Business Awards 2017

16 CORPORATE VISION / 2017 Small Business Awards , Green Park has experience servicing a wide range of clients, providing interimmanagement, executive search, board and leadership and diversity advisory services to companies and organisations in a range of sectors including Local and Central Government, Financial Services, Retail and Leisure, Commerce and Industry and Charities and Social Enterprises. We explore the history of this exceptional firmand how it works to ensure excellence for its valued clients. Green Park Executive Resourcing In 2006, Raj Tulsiani and Steve Baggi founded Green Park Interim Management and Executive Search with an ambitious vision: to set a new benchmark for customer service in the senior recruitment industry. Ten years on, Green Park has grown from challenger to become one of Europe’s fastest growing suppliers of interim management, executive search and board advisory solutions and the industry’s leading voice on diverse executive recruitment. Serving the public, private and not-for-profit sectors, Green Park have focused on building a company with a reputation for delivering results and customer satisfaction through collaborative and high-quality solutions. Putting their fees on the line through the Green Park Promise, the London based senior recruitment firm have set themselves apart from their competitors by linking their own compensation to diversity, customer feedback and “right first time” results. Green Park’s values include passion, quality, sustainability and innovation and these remain the cornerstone of their relationships with clients, candidates, suppliers and employees alike. Through their pioneering market-led research and targeted initiatives to drive social change, Green Park have set a new standard for the recruitment industry; demanding a broader talent pool that widens the gate without lowering the bar. Working in partnership with their customers, Green Park’s innovative and collaborative approach is based around systematically reducing risk by understanding and accounting for their unique situation and requirement. In addition to in-house sector experts, a Diversity Practice and Board and Leadership Advisory Practice, Green Park have spent 10 years developing industry defining enhancements that deliver sustainable impact to their clients via a range of custom innovative solutions. These innovations allow them to provide market-leading industry insight, analysis and culture fit assessments to guide the primary stages of each mandate and enable Green Park to demonstrate to their clients the science behind their recruitment process. They include a client stakeholder briefing tool, candidate psychometric assessments, post placement performance enhancement methodology and a forensic, evidence-based methodology rescuing waning or stalled searches. Passionate advocates of business diversity, Green Park have been moving the dial on diversity for over ten years, achieving organisational and cultural improvement for their clients by leveraging the power of collective difference. Internally, Green Park are a living example of the way an organisation that encourages diversity of thought in their leadership team will outperform monocultures in today’s turbulent international markets. Exploring all avenues to find and unlock potential and create opportunities in a sustainable and responsible way, Green Park’s Diversity Practice help create diverse and appointable talent pools of great candidates for each assignment, with their Board-advisory Practice helping customers to create coherent “build and buy” diversity strategies to increase representation. Analysing the gender and ethnocultural composition of the UK’s most senior jobs in the public and private sectors, Green Park have gained international recognition through the publication of their original in-depth research reports; The Green Park Leadership 10,000 and The Public Services Leadership 5,000. This led to the London based executive search and interim management company being appointed as SB170020 special advisor to the PM’s Social Mobility Implementation Office and advising on the government backed Parker Reviews, Davies Reviews and McGregor-Smith Reviews. In addition to championing diversity through their executive and interim search business, Green Park has now launched DRIVE, a social enterprise comprised of a membership of motivated organisations who are passionate to understand which current equality programmes are actually delivering sustained behavioural and statistically validated change. Chaired by Baroness Janet Royall, DRIVE aims to affect an extra 150,000 diverse hiring choices over the next five years by focusing on the four areas where the broadest impact on diversity and inclusion will be: Recruitment, Talent Management, Procurement and Trust in your Brand. More recently, Green Park led a consortium to purchase the cricket company Mongoose - now Mongoose Inclusive Cricket. Through a sustainable business model where 20% of profits are donated to community outreach programmes, Mongoose will act as a vehicle to combat the needless violence caused by the gang culture and radicalisation that so often targets vulnerable and excluded youths and will