Small Business Awards 2018

, Established in 2005, Underground Professional leverages the power of a dedicated, talented team of local designers, artists, and developers along with partnerships with leading firms in various fields of expertise. The process is tailored to the individual clients, and as such the firm provides its clients with a personal design specialist ready to help with an array of services including building a website, maintaining or upgrading a current site, providing technical support and training, copywriting, language translations, SEO analysis and optimization. Such a bespoke process requires a hands-on approach from the very start, and Eric is keen to explain this in more detail and outline how it benefits the customer and ensures a satisfactory outcome to every project. “From the very beginning, we aim to offer our clients the very Underground Professional, LLC Web & Graphic Design Firm of the Year 2018 - Chicagoland Based in Chicago, Illinois, Underground Professional LLC is a boutique design services firm dedicated to offering its clients quality solutions that will meet their individual needs. We invited EricMartin to provide us with an insight into the firmand the range of solutions it has to offer. highest possible standard of service and support. Our first step is to care about the client and understand what their goals are and why. We start by thoroughly researching the two main entities of a client: the individuals we are working with, and their business as a whole. It is important for us to not only provide what the client needs, but to provide it in a way that understands and supports their company mission, and with a process that works best with the individuals involved. “Secondly, establishing the best workflow process with this information provides a smooth operation that complements the client’s personality and the business’s needs. Third, and most importantly, communication is key. We understand that many times a client can feel ‘in the dark’, and that is something we try to avoid at all costs. As much as possible, every communication ends with a next step and what their expectations should be. Keeping the client in the loop and informed at every step is a cornerstone for successful outcome. After all, our client’s success uplifts our success as a service provider.” This bespoke approach helps the company to achieve its mission and drive innovation in the web design market, as Eric highlights. “The mission of Underground Professional is to uplift and support the success of other businesses through creative problem-solving and thoughtful care. In order to do this, we are constantly researching new and innovative ways to create solutions for a wide range of issues businesses encounter; from figuring out a low-cost solution in order to create a complex e-commerce system, to engineering an efficient way to tackle an extremely unique and complex business goal. “One of the keys to this is developing systems and structures that can usually be managed in-house at our client’s offices, without any need for specialized knowledge. In addition, we take extra care to understand our clients’ missions and become truly invested in their ability to succeed with the help of our services. Clients are not just a number to us; it is important to know the names and personalities of everyone involved, and to tailor the experience to best suit everyone’s demeanour and work style.” As he looks to the future Eric is optimistic that Underground Professional can continue to offer its clients the same exceptional level of service and support whilst at the same time expanding its horizons and growing its portfolio of successful projects. “Thanks to our commitment to innovation and excellence, the future of my firm is open and boundless. Our current model is extremely effective, and I would like to see that continue and expand organically. Due to our high level of service quality, we have never had to advertise or solicit business, hence the name Underground Professional. Word-of-mouth, long known to be the best form of new business, has provided us with consistent work year over year. This makes the process of getting to know a new client much easier due to our mutual contacts and it keeps us from growing too fast, which is a notorious enemy of long- term success. Organic growth and continued excellence for clients remain our ongoing focuses as we look towards an exciting future.” Oct18619 CONTACT DETAILS: Company: Underground Professional, LLC Name: Eric Martin Address: 7363 N Ashland Blvd #1, Chicago, 60626, United States of America, Illinois Phone: 3122359359 Website: