Small Business Awards 2018

12 Corporate Vision / 2018 Small Business Awards , Finance House Solutions Ltd Best Business Finance Consultancy – UK & SME Financing Specialists of the Year - UK Finance House Solutions Ltd (FHS) provides end to end business reviews and financing solutions to individuals, property investors, developers and business organisations of all sizes. Having recognised the firmas part of our Small Business Awards for 2018 we profile it to find out more. Established in late 2016, FHS offers a range of services both directly and through strategic partnerships. The firm’s business is structured to provide a suite of products and services which promote value to all clients. Supporting everyone from individuals through to SMEs and established companies, FHS provides insurance solutions, foreign exchange, commercial and residential lending as well as business planning and modelling. Operating in a competitive market, the firm works hard to set itself apart from the crowd and showcase its potential as a strong partner for potential clients. As part of this focus, FHS places its funding requirements regardless of the type or amount as the main objective, at the forefront of every project. This supportive approach eliminates the transactional nature which is prevalent throughout the industry and replaces it with a consultative partner relationship. The FH solution uses a deeply embedded partnership approach to build and present a client’s case to specifically identified lending partners. This ensures information is presented with clarity and efficiency. Looking ahead, the future for FHS is firmly focused on the establishment of long term value add strategic partnerships. These will help enhance the firm’s ability to support its clients with a complete set of expert services, and this is essential in an economic environment which will continue to be dynamic in nature. Ultimately, FHS has a simple mission: to become the brokerage of choice for clients seeking new and refinance. The key to achieving this is to use both technology and business understanding to build market and product understanding. As such, FHS is continually adapting its processes and industry knowledge in order to support clients of all shapes and sizes. Working proactively, FHS is keen to ensure it continues to pioneer new solutions that will meet its clients’ ever-evolving needs in the years ahead. Oct18586 CONTACT DETAILS: Company: Finance House Solutions Ltd Name: Perminder S Ghataore Phone: 02080040531 Website: