Small Business Awards 2018

18 Corporate Vision / 2018 Small Business Awards , FuseBox Best Web & Mobile App Development Company - South Africa Fusebox is an agency that is inspired and driven by the digital world and its endless possibilities. We invited CEO and founder, Delon Cheketri to provide us with an overview of the company and the range of solutions it has to offer. With over 12 years’ experience in the market, FuseBox is a software engineering agency based in Johannesburg that specialises in the development of bespoke web and mobile software solutions. Delon spoke to us in detail about the company’s service offering. “At FuseBox, we are inspired and driven by the digital world and its endless possibilities. We provide a comprehensive range of design and development services across both web and mobile platforms. “Our work is a combination of form meets function, from rich web and mobile application development, right through to crafted interface design. We have developed and maintain mobile and web-based loyalty rewards platforms, employee engagement applications, customised events applications, through to Uber styled geo location solutions - we offer a full-stack development service of end-to-end solutions, which our clients can rely on. “The trick is to always start with the user experience and customer journey, and then work backwards. One has to design solutions that look good, are easy to use and add real value to the end user’s experience. Designing innovative solutions is easy. Making sure that they function in an environment that is already cluttered with applications and solutions is important.” FuseBox pride themselves not only on their work, but on their values as a company. Integrity, putting the customer first and work product excellence form the core values around which the company is built. These values are the main reason that Delon invests so much time in the hiring process and making sure that he selects team members who have the same ethical values as the rest of the organisation. “Through our values and the quality of our work, we’ve had the opportunity to work with a number of blue-chip companies in different markets. From leading hotel groups, international reward programmes and medical companies to engineering, telecoms and courier services, we have the expertise to strategise, develop and deliver on time.” “Developing solid enterprise solutions for an array of sectors has been the cornerstone of our success. There are a lot of service providers in this space, and it is very competitive. It is critically important to understand and then define a client’s needs upfront and to then manage and deliver against agreed timelines. The development sector is notorious for over promising and under delivering. When you work for large clients like we do, missing deadlines has a major impact on their business, so we are very careful in this regard.” Operating in the fast-paced technology market, FuseBox has to work hard to ensure it remains at the forefront of emerging market developments. Delon shares how this is achieved and how the firm has recently integrated new solutions to ensure its ongoing success. “To ensure that we offer our clients a truly cutting-edge service, FuseBox have tried and tested a number of collaboration tools. We have found that Slack and its integrations fit in perfectly with the FuseBox development stack. Slack’s integration with Trello for project management, and Hourstack for timekeeping, work well together, to manage development processes, as well as keeping clients up to date with the status of the project.” These new solutions not only impact on the firm’s clients, but also its staff. Delon discussed with us how his team work in close collaboration with each other and continually research new solutions, so that they are constantly ahead of emerging market developments and are able to offer their clients the support and service they expect from the company. “As a team, we use the phrase ‘internal crowd sourcing’ to keep up to date with latest developments. We’ve introduced “Tech Tuesdays” Nov18525