Small Business Awards 2018

2 Corporate Vision / 2018 Small Business Awards K Welcome to the Small Business Awards 2018 Small businesses and organisations form the backbone of our corporate landscape. Despite the favouring of larger or better- known organisations by some, smaller businesses boast the benefits of a tight-knit workforce, outstanding customer services and a special attention to creativity and innovation. We want to reward these organisations and individuals for their hard -work and dedication to thrive. To ensure that the very best small businesses from around the work receive the recognition they deserve, we have brought back the successful Small Business Awards for its third year. As with all our awards, the 2018 Small Business Awards are purely based upon merit. To ensure this, our in-house research team went in-depth to find the industry firms and leaders who deserve acknowledgement for their outstanding performances within the sector. Winners of this award can be rest assured that their win was one that was truly deserved.