Small Business Awards 2019

, Rapid evolvement in the high-tech and electromechanical industries can often leave companies scrambling to keep up with the latest developments. The mission of Cypriot firm, A2U Ltd is to become the design and assembly house of choice for companies. We profiled the firm to learnmore about its success as the best electromechanical design andmanufacturing solutions provider in Cyprus. Best Electromechanical Design &Manufacturing Solutions Provider - Cyprus By offering a blend of multiple disciplines within the design and manufacturing process, the team offer enormous flexibility, high quality products, and aggressive timelines to any client, be they a high-tech major player, or independent start-up. A2U’s flexibility means that as well as remaining agile to changing requirements, there is no minimum order quantity. Clients can order single prototypes, or mass production assemblies, and everything in between. For more urgent projects that require a faster turnaround, the team work hard to ensure that everything is on time according to the clients needs, without compromising on the quality of the finished product. Interacting with clients every step of the way is core to the service provided by A2U. The multinational team is made up of experts from a variety of industry backgrounds, culminating in a unique and creative workforce. Even the environment itself is kept fun and dynamic, enabling the staff to provide creative and dynamic solutions to the market. Every mem- ber of the team is highly trained and focused on a desire to lead the market in quality. That quality can clearly be seen in the personalised support that every client receives. Through its own team of experts, A2U offer a wide variety of design services catering to the electromechanical industry. Whether seeking full system design, or specialist individual solutions, the expert team can help create any unique solution. Operating as an independent contract manufacturer, A2U assures its clients that each fully comprehensive solution can be tailored to the client’s specific requirements. Whether you require single cable assemblies of full box builds A2U bring the market know- how and technical understanding necessary to support solutions across all sizes and shapes. Serving multiple industries, such as medical, When innovative solutions and tight deadlines are of the utmost importance, having a trusted partner who can deliver single components through to full turn-key solutions is imperative. A2U is that partner for clients , offering innovative and bespoke solutions in design, development, distribution, manufacturing, and integration for the electromechanical and high-tech industry. Through multiple disciplines, the firm offers extensive support to clients looking for any kind of technical solution. In constantly growing the organisation and investing in design and assembly facilities, the team at A2U have ensured that they are always on hand to help. industrial automation, security, telecommuni- cations and commercial applications A2U’s vast experience & in-depth knowledge support on time & on budget delivery. Upon completion of the solution itself however, the support from A2U does not end there. The team are fully-equipped to continue supporting the client in any way they may require. From comprehensive testing to full implementation and continued on-site support, the firm’s client service consistently goes well above and beyond the call of duty to help clients with every aspect of their partnership with A2U. Above all, A2U is a solutions provider. Through every phase of its in-house develop- ments and key partnerships with clients, the firm brings innovative technological solutions to a rapidly changing market whilst supporting every client requirement. From conceptual design through to full turnkey operationsand implementation, the firm’s ingenuity and tech- nological innovation stand it apart from the competition in remarkable fashion. Contact: Anthony Goard Email: [email protected] Website: “A2U’s vast experience & in-depth knowledge support on time & on budget delivery.”