Small Business Awards 2019

38 Corporate Vision - Small Business Awards 2019 , 5hort Srl: Why do only 13%of companies adopt an integrated approach to innovation? According to Francesco Gori the problemof innovation is first a creative communication problem, which can be solved applying advertising expertises to enable the entire innovation process. Introducing a real paradigm shift, Francesco established his own 360 °creative company, under the notion of ‘short’ (a discipline of simplification). We took a look at his award-winning firm to find out more. Innovation Award in Creative Communication - Italy: 5hort Srl complexity that blocks change. Precisely for this reason he thinks that Italy is a great place to study innovation problems and test new processes and products in extreme conditions. In a recent research, 5hort’s team observed that contents, service, products really relevant today, are truly designed for short attention spans must be 8 seconds long. This is how long it takes ti find an answer on Google or buy something on Amazon. It’s also why we put aside those tasks that are longer and more complex. Every 5hort project starts from analysis and optimization of existing informations and contents, making it simpler and more relevant for 8 seconds attention. Trasforming big data into short data is the first step to create new connections and to bring out identities, needs and new benefits. Not only in the form of content and communication campaigns, but also of simpler services and products, which Founded in 2012, 5hort has not taken long to establish itself in the advertising industry. Realizing commercials and integrated campaign for international brands and agencies 5hort’s team observed the progressive devaluation of advertising creativity, now reduced to a simply commodity. At the same time the lack of creativity inside companies, hinder them to connect skills, data and technologies into innovation. 5hort thinks that the creatives of communication are virtually the best to connect the dots in new concepts, processes and even products. But to do this they should evolve, applying creativity to design ‘simplification’, an invisible value that today makes the real difference on the market. Starting from his simplification theory, published on scientific journals, Francesco Gori designed to shorten the entire innovation process. It applies advertising skills to shorten the entire innovation process (learning, analysis, conception, testing, launch), enabling it even in environments with high resistance to change. Francesco experienced on its own skin how innovating in Italy is difficult, due to an extraordinary environmental and cultural are tested and launched in a simpler way. Short innovation approach enter the company through the ‘shorter’, a new creative resource focused on simplification, that increases companies innovation capacity without impacting on existing workflows. Latest technologies are a fundamental part of shorter work, allowing him to link with chief innovation manager and other specialized business resource. To share the ‘short’ culture as widely as possible, 5hort started a collaboration with design schools and international academies. The result is the Work Short, an up-grade that transforms creatives, agencies and marketing departments into a new innovation engine for companies. Contact: Francesco Gori Company: 5hort Srl Address: Via Bianca di Savoia 17, Milano. Web Address: Mail: [email protected] Nov19261