Small Business Awards 2019

8 Corporate Vision - Small Business Awards 2019 , AMGWorld Most Innovative Events Company 2019 - UK Sep19455 Small and agile, AMGWorld has taken the conference world by stormwith a pioneering and experimental approach to the traditional conference experience. Let’s take a closer look… of this more collaborative approach is that conference attendees can create their own agenda. This allows them to delve into the precise challenges they face and receive specific support from peers, and from experts in that field. While there is still potential for networking and sales opportunities, the focus remains on using the collective talent in the room to discuss and collaborate on any problems that may arise. This pragmatic approach is intended to provide the necessary tools to meet business objectives and ensure that clients get the information and assistance they require. To maintain the highest quality, each conference is subject to rigorous testing before it even reaches the floor. Customer feedback is at the heart of AMG World’s growth strategy, influencing the design of future conferences. This is not only to ensure that delegates, sponsors, speakers and partners feel like they have achieved their business objectives but also, so they talk positively about their What does AMG stand for? Inspired by Sir David Brailsford, who is the former Performance Director of British Cycling and current General Manager of Team Ineos, and his belief in Aggregated Marginal Gains, AMG World focuses on striving for excellence in every business process. They believe this is the way for companies to achieve true success and run their conferences to match this. Gone are the days of the typical presentation heavy model, replaced by expert business leaders structuring active conversations on specialist topics and tailoring them according to the objectives of the participants. Working across several different sectors (oil & gas, automation and manufacturing to name a few) means that they have a broad range of events and approaches to offer potential clients. AMG World pride themselves on creating experiences that are aligned to the unique needs of their customers. The advantage interaction with the business throughout the conference lifecycle. This new conference model is made possible by the fact that AMG World is agile, with no complex, legacy processes to deal with. Any doubts about the size of the company and its ability to deliver can be assuaged by the experience of the team, many of whom have long and successful histories in the conference business. In addition, a culture of flexible remote working has made for a diverse and global workforce that isn’t limited to those with a London postcode. AMG World actively encourages the use of new technology if it makes business processes easier, utilising file-sharing sites, collaborative tools and flexible working environments to solve problems. Regular phone calls, meetings and social functions allow the team to connect on a personal and professional level. This collective experience and problem solving reflects how their conferences are run, so they can practice what they preach. AMG World currently runs several different conferences but aims to have a portfolio of fifty running over the next five years. While ambitious, it fits with the theme of the company. Continuous innovation, combined with customer centricity is the driving force behind success, and the way in which AMG World operates. With huge ambition for growth, it’s a good thing that there’s such a dedicated team working towards the same goal. The customer-centric approach to this conference innovation has definitely proven its worth and looks set to expand exponentially. It’s not every organisation that ends up as more than the sum of its parts, but it certainly seems to be true for AMG World. Contact: Mark Giles Email: [email protected] Website: