Small Business Awards 2020

Best Public Space Design Company - Northeast Brazil & Excellence Award for Urbanism Digital Transformation Solutions - Northeast Brazil Cities are changing. Urban environments are changing. Once the victim of rapid expansion, we are now exploring the ways in which cities can change to better serve the needs of those that roam their streets day in and day out. Rather than be purpose built from the ground up to fulfil singularly functional criteria, designers the world over are reimagining urban spaces to be, at their heart, living art. This goal is where Concrepoxi has really established itself and where the team has capitalised on a renewed interest in the green, eco-friendly space. Combining that fundamental cornerstone with the region that the firm operates in – Latin America – has quickly reinforced the firm’s expertise and marked them as the go-to team when it comes to urban transformation. Sustainability Today’s cities are being designed to be sustainable, compared to the cities of the past which were designed purely out of swift evolution, growth and immediate need. Little consideration was given to aesthetics, or a dedication to green spaces. Think of old areas of cities – think of the brutalist spaces designed to ram as much as possible into an area. Sustainability had no role in those spaces, indeed no consideration at all. Despite being established in one form or another for 40 years, innovation really defines Concrepoxi. Where other companies have stalled over the last year due to the coronavirus, Concrepoxi has seen Concrepoxi Artefatos - Fabrica de Cidades specialises, first and foremost, in urban transformation through innovative design. Following the firm’s recognition in the Small Business Awards for its enduring dedication to excellence we took a moment to explore what makes this company and team so unique. Sep20989 an opportunity to accelerate the digital transformation of urban spaces that was, previously, moving sluggishly. In this, the firm created a new platform - Fabrica de Cidades, “City’s Factory” – to attract talent in the form of start-ups, education centres, companies and regional experts in their shared goal of reinvigorating urban spaces to be more sustainable and aesthetically relevant to the modern age. Naturally, while transforming urban spaces is a long-term goal, Concrepoxi understands exactly what is needed for large-scale change. And that, ultimately, is fundamentally refreshing. With this success firmly established, Concrepoxi is keen to capitalise on the momentum of this platform and secure investment to continue growing, improving and innovating. For this reason, and many others of course, Concrepoxi was recognised in the Small Business Awards for its ability to bring about real, observable and achievable change on a grander scale that belies its size. Company: Concrepoxi Artefatos - Fabrica de Cidades Website: | “Concrepoxi created a corporate vision to give a strong purpose of constructing the new sustainable city.”