Small Business Awards 2020

Issue 4 2020 33 Expede Consulting is the London-based powerhouse dedicated to driving maximum value for educational institutions from the implementation of their strategic vision centred around digital transformation. Using the organisation’s profound and multidisciplinary sector expertise, Expede is focused on delivering fundamental and sustainable business change that benefits their clients and the people within those institutions. Expede Consulting is dedicated to transforming universities for a sustainable tomorrow. Working with educational institutions and their partners, Expede looks to elicit the greatest value through the implementation of digital transformation strategic visions. Combining deep sector expertise across a range of disciplines with a drive to level the playing field in access to higher education, Expede provides universities and colleges with innovation, integration, information intelligence and timely intervention. Leading by example, Expede delivers beneficial, fundamental and sustainable business change by helping institutions meet and resolve the increasing challenges faced by the higher education sector. Currently, one of the most significant issues is the divide in those who do or don’t find themselves in the fortunate position to have access to quality education that would in turn create the tools and opportunities for social mobility. Expede is committed to offering social, educational and vocational support to 16-25-year olds, enabling them to grow in confidence, achieve their full potential and make an impact on their community and beyond. Nobody should be left behind in the pursuit of knowledge and education. Offering services that cover Information Security Management, Student Engagement, Strategic Development and more, Expede takes a clear, structured approach to ensure that their sector expertise can be correctly implemented into IT solutions that strategically align with their client’s desired outcomes. This begins with gaining a clear understanding of the business drivers behind new projects and business imperatives which, for educational institutions, often centre around developing responses to crises, globalisation, student expectation, technology, research and much more besides. Consequently, Expede is able to align their goals with the business aims of their client, becoming a valued and trusted partner to the institution as it develops. Expede then determines the scope of the project, establishing the context of the business and its implications on IT and how it will be implemented as a result. This is then followed by the definition of the Target State of their Best Technology Consultants to Educational Institutions 2020 - South East London Small Business Awards Sep20070 IT, which sees how the vision for IT naturally derives from the previously established business imperatives. Expede analyses the current state of the IT systems being used by their client, agreeing the gaps between the current state and the target state and then finally articulating and implementing a strategy to bridge the gap and deliver on new, advanced digital systems and supporting services that contribute to the evolution of their clients’ institutions. Expede may be a small firm, but their ambition and vision to improve the lives of every young person considering or attending higher education is boundless. Recognising and supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Expede focuses particularly on Goal Four: quality education for all. It is this that drives the organisation, whilst their four values uphold every element of their work. ‘4 Companies, 1 Team’ represents the guarantee that the Expede team are all appreciated and valued, as well as demonstrating the vital collaboration that crosses boundaries in order to help Expede offer the best possible services to their clients. ‘The F Word’ denotes the fun that is injected into every project, alongside professionalism, passion and commitment, whilst ‘Think Outside The Box’ encapsulates the team of innovative and creative problem solvers who love working together. Finally, ‘The Expede Way’ is emblematic of the strong moral compass that guides every individual within every team at Expede. Holding themselves to a high level of ethical standards, Expede seeks out and embraces the knowledge that if they are not continuously learning, evolving and improving, they are falling behind. Expede is looking forward to carrying these values with them as they enter into an admittedly uncertain future, but with the same ambitions for growth and devotion to transforming the higher education sector for the better. Having worked with universities across London, Expede is expanding its product and service platforms as it works with more customers across the UK and global marketplace, as educational institutions around the world are presented with an increasing level of sectoral challenges. Expanding their support and consulting times accordingly to facilitate this growth, Expede is answering the increasing need across the sector for expert help, delivered locally and at a fair price. Expede intends to be around for a long time, working with as many people and organisations as possible to create a better, more sustainable future. Contact: Mehram Sumray-Roots Company: Expede Consulting Web Address: