Small Business Awards 2020

Sep20654 Small Business Awards 2020 35 Glaziers Hall is an unparalleled London-based venue that is steeped in history. With inimitable views of the River Thames and the City of London, the venue adjoins the iconic London Bridge, and boasts a cohesive blend of tradition and modernity in its aesthetic that gives the venue total versatility. As a result, Glaziers Hall is proudly able to flexibly host events of any type or scale, offering privacy, excellence and a truly unique experience. Nestled next to London Bridge, Glaziers Hall is a venue that takes pride in being unlike any other, boasting iconic views of London and the River Thames and an interior space that is totally comprehensive in aesthetic and function. Complete with seven spaces over three storeys which can be hired separately or in conjunction with each other, Glaziers Hall exhibits history, tradition and modernity which are delivered with flexibility and privacy to suit any requirement. The first Glaziers Hall was destroyed in the Great Fire of London in 1666 and rebuilt next to London Bridge in 1808, adjoining Nancy Steps, named for the character in Charles’ Dickens novel, ‘Oliver Twist’. Glaziers Hall remains home to three prestigious livery companies, enabling the hall’s great history to be interwoven with modern technology and styles. The historical brickwork of London Bridge coexists in the venue alongside the modern panoramic views of the River Thames and the tradition encapsulated within the Banqueting Hall, Court Room and Library to create a truly unique and timeless experience. As a result, the variety of rooms provide supreme adaptability so that guests are able to host their perfect event, whether it be a meeting for two, an awards ceremony for 200 or an AGM for 400. Although situated in the heart of the bustling City of London, Glaziers Hall presents a venue that is simultaneously highly accessible from major transport links and totally secure and discreet, enabling guests to host their event or conduct their business in privacy to create a truly exclusive ambience. Glaziers Hall is not just a space. It is a company built around a venue, dedicated to ensuring guests have the best possible experience during their time with Glaziers Hall. Consequently, the Glaziers Hall team is committed to producing the ‘wow’ factor for every event, working with clients to ascertain the measurements by which success will be judged and then implementing Tiny Noticeable Things (or ‘TNTs’) into the proceedings to ensure every client is able to deliver a truly jaw dropping event. Often, the Glaziers Hall team assists clients with creating content that they hadn’t even thought of. In order to deliver this customer-centric approach that guarantees the realisation of every Best Corporate Event Venue 2020 - London client’s vision for their event, every member of the Glaziers Hall team is guided and trained in how they can magnify the experience of their attendees. The company has invested over £2 million into Glaziers Hall, its technology and the training of its staff to encourage their growth, which in turn leads to a more efficient andmore effective team. This is enhanced by the recruitment of individuals who take pride in their meticulous attention to details, who thrive when working in a team and who are driven as individuals. This culminates in a team that is passionate about offering the best, personalised service that keeps clients returning time after time to host all their events at Glaziers Hall. The result of the passion and focus of the Glaziers Hall team has manifested in awards and accolades, many of which were received in the last year alone, including the Best Conference Venues under 650 people: Silver Award as well as Corporate Vision: Best Corporate Event Venue 2020. The company’s commitment to sustainability that has been demonstrated through established relationships with local suppliers, green initiatives and waste management has also been internationally recognised by the Green Tourism Award, which presented Glaziers Hall with a Gold Standard. Delighted with their achievements, Glaziers Hall are using them to motivate themselves onwards and upwards, continuing to develop as they strive towards delivering the highest standards in service to ‘every customer, every time’. Contact: Nicholas Bills Company: Glaziers Hall Ltd Web Address: