Small Business Awards 2020

Sep20288 Most Innovative EU Project Management Specialists 2020 Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (iED) is a leading Center of Excellence in European Entrepreneurship and a fast-growing Digital Innovation Hub, located in Larissa, Greece. They facilitate the growth and achievements through a suite of services that they provide, positioned as they are at the centre of a globally acclaimed network. For start-ups and SMEs alike, there is no better place to facilitate growth. The Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (iED) is a leading Center of Excellence in European Entrepreneurship and a fast- growing Digital Innovation Hub, located in Larissa, Greece. The main activities of the organisation revolve around the implementation of European Projects, focusing on entrepreneurship, business, innovation, and the labour market, among others. Apart from implementing their own projects, iED offers proposal writing and reviewing services to clients, helping them implement their own EU projects. The Institute has also developed innovative platforms like EUcalls and iED Academy in order to impart knowledge and help clients form collaborations or get involved in EU projects. Furthermore, their newly created EUropreneurship Network aims to advance the understanding of European Entrepreneurship through access to funding, networking and education. iED’s success is driven by the dedication of its team, the spirit of collaboration, and the need to evolve and become the best at what they do. The Institute values proper and true collaboration. iED is stronger as a team. The mission has always been to establish iED as the major Entrepreneurship Hub in Europe, a place where ideas are brought to life. As collaboration is so important for iED, they put the values and needs of clients first. iED makes sure to give them the time and innovative tools needed to define their needs and expectations. Then it provides all the potential solutions and services, explaining everything so that their clients can make an educated decision. Working on a new project also follows a collaborative way of thinking. The project managers work together to bring their expertise to the table when creating the material for the completion of the project, thus ensuring its success on every level. The team has experience gained from over fifteen years in the field of European project implementation. During iED’s multi-year operation, they have established strong partnerships with some of the most important European stakeholders, from Universities to research centers, to some of the biggest companies on the continent. To this day, they have maintained these partnerships, and used them and their excellent history of results, to set themselves apart from the competition. For iED, it is essential that all employees believe in the value of teamwork, which is the core of the organisation’s culture. To ensure that all the team members are equipped to bring about the best results, the Institute makes sure to promote work-based learning. Moreover, they support and encourage employees to continue learning by giving them the opportunity to take upskilling courses, all supported by iED. The spirit of collaboration and teamwork are the first two things iED considers when it looks for new talents that want to come on board and evolve through the organisation. At the moment, the company is implementing its greatest venture yet. The creation of JOIST Business Innovation Park. A place that will not only act as iED’s new home but will also establish an inclusive ecosystem of entrepreneurship in Southern Europe and will create a connecting hub for innovation and business. JOIST Business Innovation Park will become host to the most vibrant working ecosystem possible by leasing workspaces, hosting conferencing events, setting up an established community and offering a suite of services that meet every guest’s needs, such as business funding, accelerator options, business matching, innovation brokerage and training labs. For the organisation, JOIST is the first of many steps iED will take to bring European Entrepreneurship into the global spotlight. Throughout even the most difficult of times, iED continues to grow both in terms of staff numbers and square meters. It is constantly proving that entrepreneurship is the key to sustainable development and professional growth. Contact: Paraskevi Zygoura Company: Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (iED) Website: