Small Business Awards 2020

Boutique design marketing and PR agency, S2H Communication specialises in supporting clients in all marketing endeavours. Founder, Sarah Hamon, tells us more about what drives her passion for interior design. S2H Communication provides marketing support to clients in the interior design industry, including designers, tradeshows and events, and top brands and household names. “Here at S2H Communication, we provide an environment in which our clients have a sense of belonging to a family,” states Sarah Hamon, who founded the company in 2009 and is herself a self-professed fanatic of visual arts and design. “There are a lot of networking opportunities between our clients that we like to call our S2H family. We consider ourselves as partners more than service providers and we always try to keep in mind that whatever initiative we have is to leverage our clients’ sales in a very niche market. Also, we’re very well identified in our industry because of our expertise.” Sarah has always felt the desire to work with people who shared her passion for design, creativity and refinement. It was that very desire that led to create S2H Communication 11 years ago. From humble beginnings initially, Sarah is now surrounded by a team of passionate, dynamic people who speak the language of creativity and share a healthy appetite for fashion, food, design or anything related to the creative world. The firm also has an international outreach and yet still manages to stay available for all its clients and provide a personal service. “We can talk to media all across Europe, in the US and in Latin America thanks to our other offices in Paris, Miami and NYC. However, we also need to ensure we stay ‘human scaled’ and that’s a good point for our client.” In such a fast-paced industry being responsive, quick and accurate are very important qualities. “Marketing and PR people need to be rigorous and very precise in everything they do because we write a lot. As brand ambassadors, we cannot make mistakes when talking to an editor, for instance, or posting on a client’s Instagram account.” It’s important that Sarah and the team understand a client’s deadlines, objectives and end goals and, in an industry driven by imagery, one of Sarah’s priorities with new clients is to ensure that they have photoshoots to create beautiful Best International Boutique Marketing & PR Agency – France Oct20159 representations of who and what they are. In fact, clients are of the utmost importance and it is this hands-on approach that has helped the firm rise to success. “I truly love my job, and I very much value my relationships with my clients and the way it can grow over the years too,” says Sarah. However, it is not only the clients that receive such special treatment. “With regards to the running of the company, I try to have a very open management style and I like to listen to my team suggestions. I’m a team person so no matter what I’d always have their backs and support them. I like to ask my team how I can help them - it’s not only them helping me out with the clients. In addition to this, I also encourage a very respectful culture in the company, we can talk about anything but we also have to stay very courteous even though we work under a lot of pressure.” Sarah exclaims that she’s very happy being a small business owner, due to her love of the industry in which she works. As for what the future holds? Sarah envisions growth and continued success for S2H Communications. “In the future I’d want to grow and maybe expand our US operations, but I’d need to keep my feet on the ground and still keep a precious connection with my clients and teams. It’s rare to have an international team working in one industry that has such expertise in our field.” Contact: Sarah Hamon Company: S2H Communication Web Address: Small Business Awards 2020 47