Small Business Awards 2020

Innovation stretches to all industries, and everything can be subject to innovation. Take lighting for example. It can be innovated and evolved in a myriad of different ways, combining technology and colour to achieve a number of different effects. As an LED specialist, the team at feno GmbH combines the technical generation and control of light with its emotional effect. Discover more about the firm as we take a closer look at what it has to offer. Founded in Munich in 1998, feno GmbH has remained a German firm since its inception and displays global uniqueness and innovation, creating high-quality light on a creative level. From the firm’s site in Oberhaching, feno develops and produces lighting control systems, LED solutions, and supporting software products for almost any industry, including automotive, shipbuilding, and medical, as well as complete solutions for hotels, museums, and high-end private households. Since that initial founding over twenty two years ago, feno has always carried out all research and production activities in Germany, and each year, more and more customers across the world continue to benefit from this extensive experience and in-depth knowhow that culminate in award-winning products. With high-quality, dynamic, and uncomplicated products, these elements and attributes also describe the culture and commitment to create impressive lighting experiences, each of which is unique in its own way. Since the beginning, the firm has manufactured near Munich, always investing in the high quality of its products with its own- house electronics production, ultra-modern light laboratory, and stringent multi-stage quality and function checks. The products that feno put out are characterized by precision, reliability, and durability. It goes without saying that they comply with all the relevant industrial standards and directives, and the firm itself is fully certified according to the DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Standard. The unique selling point that feno offers is that its in- depth understand of the aesthetic dimension of light is combined with technical competencies to bring amazing products to life. In developing tailor-made solutions, feno is always seeking to push the boundaries of physics and make the impossible, possible. Individual customers are approached with flexibility and passion, regardless of whether or not a project involves technology, quality, energy efficiency, or creativity, or indeed a combination of all four. Open communication between staff members working on each project ensures that the client’s wishes are always kept front and centre, guaranteeing that a final product is exactly what they wished for, and often so much more. Valuation of every staff member’s personality is lived out on a daily basis and helps to ensure the success of the whole team, which is well aware of the customer and their needs. The future of the lighting industry is one that is seemingly in a constant state of flux, given the wealth of innovation that is always happening within in. An ongoing challenge that feno continues to work towards solving is the yield of laser-etching of ultra-thin PMMA sheets, which is the core competency for the firm’s flat, homogenous light-engines. Due to this challenge, the team at feno has started to develop its own machinery, instead of the ready-to-use products on the markets. It has since developed the laser-machine for its needs, which was only possible due to strong in-house engineering working hand-in-hand with mechanics and production. Only a small business, with short communication paths, personal relationships, Most Innovative Lighting Development Company - Germany and direct interactions, can realise such a product from the idea to the finished machinery in a short time. Ultimately, feno is a truly outstanding firm of German quality. It works closely with its customers, suppliers, and partners alike to ensure a transparent environmental policy and a successful resource-saving approach. The voluntary commitment and principles of action also include the responsible use of natural resources, measures to save energy, avoid and minimize emissions, and a concept for waste avoidance and reuse of materials. Sustainable goals are firmly anchored in the corporate policy, and it shows in the results that feno produces. It is a firm of the highest calibre, consistently delivering outstanding results and setting a standard that all should aspire to reach. Company: feno GmbH Contact: Alexander Müller Web: Sep20080 ©Florian Holzherr