Small Business Awards 2020

Middleton Group is an electrical and power systems engineering consultancy based in Australia who work with communities and organisations across Australasia to help them achieve their sustainable energy goals. They do this by uniting talented people to solve complex power and energy related challenges through innovation, collaboration and engineering excellence. As a people focused business that invests in trusted long-term relationships with its communities and partnerships, Middleton Group brings together like-minded individuals and partners to achieve their overall goal of a sustainable energy future for our communities. Established in 2016, Middleton Group is an Australian owned and operated electrical and power engineering consultancy specialising in the development of power and renewable energy solutions across sectors including transmission and distribution, renewable energy, transportation, water and heavy industry. Since inception, Middleton Group has grown to a company of fifty across two offices in Melbourne and Sydney in less than five years, serving national and international clients of various types including government, renewable energy developers, construction and power and energy infrastructure asset owners among others. Middleton Group’s comprehensive range of services cover power system strategic planning and procurement, concept and detailed design, grid connection modelling for renewable energy systems, balance of plant engineering and bulk high voltage and traction power infrastructure for rail and transport infrastructure. Their work spans electrical systems from extra- high voltage (up to 500 kV) through to SCADA, instrumentation and control systems. The team also provide construction engineering and constructability advice, project management, construction and commissioning support for their clients. As a people focused business, Middleton Group has built a strong values-based culture that is committed to developing power and electrical engineering leaders of the future. A strong set of core values supported by a commitment to working with their clients and partners to create an excellent client experience are the cornerstone of the company’s effectiveness to date. The company engages strongly with industry and is committed to capability development, including direct engagement with universities and investing in internship programs that provides early stage hands-on engineering training to university students. Middleton Group’s vision is to create a Sustainable Energy Future for our Communities, and generating community benefits is a central theme to their activities. This includes undertaking Award Title: Best Electrical Engineering Consultancy - Australasia pro-bono work for community energy projects and the direct participation of team members in a range of activities that generate direct community benefits. In the broader context of addressing climate change risk, Middleton Group is a proactive participant in the renewable energy transformation taking place globally. They continue to work closely with their clients and the broader community to bring about this transition whether it be a large-scale grid connected windfarm, a small community energy project or a large energy consumer who are seeking to reduce their carbon footprint. Innovation and R&D is another key Middleton Group strategy, with a substantial investment being made each year to find new ways to solve problems for the benefit of clients and their communities. The R&D team within Middleton Group are undertaking activities including the development of bushfire risk reduction solutions as part of the Rapid Earth Fault Current Limiter (REFCL) program in Victoria, Australia and continue to development new and innovative ways to automate the engineering design processes Sep20556 Small Business Awards 2020 55 across the renewable energy transportation and other market sectors. In summary, Middleton Group is a people focused business who intend to play a meaningful role in creating a sustainable energy future for our communities. Their commitment to their core values and a focus on trust and mutual respect in everything they do creates a collaborative working environment that enables their teams to be the best they can be, and to maximise value for those with whom they work. The company continues to strive towards the development of a genuinely diverse, inclusive and flexible workplace that over time they hope will deliver great value for the customers and will make our world a better place to live in. Company: Middleton Group Contact: Abrar Aziz Email: [email protected] Web Address: