Small Business Awards 2020

E-ssist Business Solutions is a certified Sage Business partner that was conceived from Founder and Director, Casey Dedekind’s courageous move from a cog in various financial software companies to the leader of a business committed to providing her customers with the level of service they deserve when implementing new software. Today, E-ssist has served more than 150 national and international clients in all matters regarding Sage Software products, from sales to training, customisation to implementation. We put together a profile of this female-run enterprise situated in South Africa. Based in Gauteng, South Africa, E-ssist Business Solutions is a certified Sage Business partner specialising in the sales, implementation, customisation, training and support of all Sage Software products, with profound insights into Sage Evolution’s financial management software. For over decade, this female-powered enterprise has provided services to more than 150 national and international clients within sectors covering manufacturing to non-profit organisations. Having begun her career in 2002 working for various companies in the implementation and support of financial management programs such as Softline-Pastel Evolution, as it was known at the time, Director Casey Dedekind was able to offer a comprehensive set of services to her clients when she boldly struck out as an independent operation to eventually become a Sage Business partner. With the help of the loyal clientele that she had acquired over her years in other roles and her extensive experience and insights into an array of financial software management programs, Casey was able to successfully grow E-ssist from her kitchen table, whilst also being mother to a new-born baby. As a result, E-ssist offers bespoke system customisation and development, expert training, cross-vertical system integration and professional support, a comprehensive selection of services that has enabled Sage to see E-ssist as a valuable business partner for Sage problem resolution and re-implementation. In recent months, E-ssist has expanded its already exhaustive list of services even further, now offering products and services to Payroll and HR markets, as well as cloud-based solutions created by Sage. This expansion has enabled E-ssist to offer even better support and advice and the company continues to look for avenues for expansion and development that would be beneficial to their clients, without being detrimental to the close relationships E-ssist has built with them. After all, since Casey first started out in her career, she has held high regard for clients, their needs and their support. Always willing to go the extra mile, the E-ssist team begin every project by ascertaining exactly what their client is seeking and establishing a trusting relationship with them so that customers know they are in safe hands, and can rely on the team to do the job to the highest standard. After taking the time to communicate and understand the client’s business and their specific requirements, E-ssist works with them, the stakeholders and key personnel to develop an implementation strategy that incorporates expectations, goals, processes and resolutions to potential issues. The information gathered at this point is then set out in a detailed project scope agreement which lays out all necessary details for those involved with the project, from communication channels to project milestones and deliverables to costs. In this way, E-ssist is able to provide clarity in communication for all parties, which will in turn result in Best Financial IT Solutions Provider - Gauteng Sep20171 streamlined, seamless implementation that delivers the successful completion of what was expected at the beginning of the project. As anyone who has set up their own business knows, it is not always smooth sailing and for Casey, resilience and determination are key to success. It is also vital to surround yourself with people who support your ambitions and as such, she has created an internal culture at E-ssist that encapsulates this philosophy, whilst also encouraging her team to be self-motivated to grow personally and professionally and to maintain an approachable, friendly manner that makes clients have confidence in knowing that they can trust and enjoy a positive experience with E-ssist. Understanding the value of supporting those starting out in business, Casey is making sure that E-ssist is able to offer opportunities to undiscovered talent across Gauteng. Their internship program is designed to expose young people to the opportunities available within Sage and provide them with the relevant training to succeed in the business and beyond. To Casey, it seems unfair that an overloaded CV puts some candidates ahead of others and as such, she will continue to recruit more and more interns who demonstrate potential and enthusiasm, rather than copious examples of work experience. Consequently, Casey and E-ssist are providing the support for the next generation of entrepreneurs, giving them the platform to succeed. Contact: Casey Dedekind Company: E-ssist Business Solutions Web Address: