Small Business Awards 2020

Established in 2012, MDH Digital is an independent creative agency renowned for its technological innovation, creating results-driven customer journeys. Following their success in the Small Business Awards 2020, we touched base with Jacques Roux to find out more. With over 10 years’ experience in the digital marketing sphere, MDH Digital have become the leading experts in helping build a digital footprint and brand strength. To start, Jacques gives us a brief overview of the firm and offers more insight into some of its specialisms. “MDH Digital is your secret arsenal for creativity, innovation, technology and results. The combination of our passion for creative innovation and our agile technology allows you to outperform your competition and build a brand that lasts. Through our end-to- end consulting expertise and our industry-leading technology we ensure transparency from start to finish. “As a global partner agency, we aim to deliver consumer-led transformation powered by passion. Solving your toughest business challenges through our consumer based digital marketing, enterprise resource planning and technology products, we will continuously drive your digital footprint and brand strength. To ensure our results are of the highest level, we have spent many hours, years, and days to recruit only the top performers in their respective fields. You can count on us to change, convert, and optimise the user experience for the digital consumer. “Typically, some of our specialist areas include social media marketing, social media advertising, Google PPC, review management, SEO, website & app development, and digital Consulting. Through our innovation and skills, we have built the latest technology for the automotive industry which enables motor dealers to sell cars online. In our broad-spectrum client base, most of them tend to be global brands.” As an independent creative agency, MDH Digital regularly face fierce competition with many of its rivals able to offer very similar services. However, as Jacques explains further, client relationships have been the key to overcoming these challenges. “While striving to become the preferred digital partner to companies across the world, we understand that relationships are important. With a dynamic team that is always on hand to deliver the best results, each team member are focused on performing for the client. Furthermore, with no affiliations to any media supplier, we are able to place your content where it matters and where we can foster the best results for you. “As specialist lead generators, our relationships with our client base is what sets us apart from our competition. Collaboration is always tested to ensure optimal results and the best decisions are made for the client. Additionally, as the only digital agency in South Africa that is supported by an internal call centre, we ensure all leads generated are followed up with our client sales staff.” Like many other competitors in the industry, innovation has a major role to play in regards to some of the projects the firm undertake. Moreover, as Jacques points out, by implementing an innovative Most Innovative Digital Marketing Agency - South Africa strategy, the firm can optimise each client’s budget to achieve the best results. “The project manager engages with all departments to ensure a cohesive and collaborative campaign is launched. With our cutting-edge technology, we are able to monitor each campaign individually and in real-time to assist in optimizing the campaign for optimal results.” Since the beginning adopting a people-focused approach has served MDH Digital well, particularly in regards to recruitment as Jacques explains further. “Having spent many hours scouting for the top talent in each field, all our team members are certified to the highest degree and this is backed up by a collaborative environment. From coffee around the world, to fresh fruit supplies, we ensure the team not only performs, but also out performs others. Starting with our own team, we believe in putting people first.” Finally, Jacques comments on the future of MDH Digital looking ahead to the remainder of 2020 and beyond. “Recently, we started to broaden our horizons and as a result we have started to gain more clients, in Australia, Netherlands, Canada and the US. With our large team, we are able to fulfil the needs of almost any industry and going forward, we would like to keep it this way.” Company: MDH Digital Contact: Jacques Roux Web Address: Sep20252