Small Business Awards 2020

Founded in 2007 as a client-centric 3PL company, Proactive Supply Chain Solutions has since expanded to become a full-fledged logistic solutions group. We spoke with Group COO Chris Pearcey to find out more about their expertise and achievements over the last thirteen years. If there’s one lesson we’ve learned this year, it is that the logistics industry is utterly vital to everyday life. Not that the fact was in dispute previously, but retrospect is a powerful tool, and as bad as this year has been for business, it could have been much, much worse. Indeed, some semblance of normality has been maintained through masterful supply chain management at a time when almost everything else was at a standstill. The Proactive Group, like many of its peers, has proven to be a vital resource for the business community at large, despite doing something that almost seems deceivingly simple. To use Chris’s words “We simplify, quantify, qualify and specify the complex logistics behind getting cargo from point A to point B.” Of course, getting from point A to point B is often no simple matter, yet the Proactive Group has proven itself time and time again as the pacesetter in what is, by all regards, a highly competitive industry. Ultimately, the key to this success lies in client centricity. While many companies, naturally, work with their clients to ensure a seamless process, the Proactive Group has endeavoured – from the outset – to put the client experience Best 3rd Party Logistics & Warehousing Company - North America & Award for Excellence in Supply Chain Customer Service 2020 at the very centre of its operations. Chris takes a moment to explain this ethos in more detail. “Our distinctive programs, systems and solutions are customized to meet the needs of our clients, as each client’s supply chains are unique. We ensure that the right strategies, details, partners and plans are in place to create optimum results and a smooth delivery of cargo to the end user. “More than anything, customer service is crucial to our ongoing success and growth. Right from the beginning, we take great efforts to understand the client through an in-depth consultative approach and understanding of a client’s business. From there, we engineer our solutions and services accordingly.” Of course, it would be remiss to gloss over the difficulties that the Proactive Group has faced over the last year. But, as they say, every challenge offers an opportunity – to learn, to develop, to grow regardless. Even throughout the uncertainty that 2020 has delivered, the company has opened Proactive USA and Proactive Mexico offices, bringing Proactive’s offerings and expertise to new markets. While the growth is certainly a focus moving forward, Chris emphasises that the ability to work to scale without compromising on quality and the customer experience remains crucial. Always in mind. “We have positioned ourselves to be able to continue to service all clients without fail, even when there is so much unknown right now. While we are personally most proud of the fact that we did not lay-off any employees during the pandemic, we are also grateful that we could help our clients and ease their difficulties as well.” That is where the Proactive Group stands right now: looking ahead while ensuring that its current clientele still experience the same high standard of service they expect. Of course, as Chris summarises in his closing comments, the group remains steadfast in its goal to become a true leader of the industry, in numerous markets. “We want to be a leader in our industry by being “Proactive” and always looking for a new or better way to preform for our clients.” For that core premise, Proactive has been a guiding light to others looking to make a mark on the logistics industry. And for that fact alone – even putting aside numerous others – it is truly deserving on recognition in this awards program. Company: Proactive Group of Companies Website: Sep20168 Small Business Awards 2020 63 We do like to look ahead as much as possible, but we have learnt that every day brings different opportunities. We never shy away from a challenge and we feel that if you are not growing and expanding into different areas, you will become stagnant. - Chris Pearcey, COO Proactive Group of Companies