Small Business Awards 2020

Recognised in the 2020 Corporate Vision Small Business Awards as the Most Innovative Fire Fighting Solution 2020, Firexo takes the confusion out of extinguishing fires. After just two years in business, this company has already brought pioneering solutions to the Fire Industry, ensuring that everyone has ability to respond in the event of a fire emergency with a product suitable for ALL fire types. Firexo provides user-friendly and sustainable fire extinguishers suitable to use on any class of fire regardless of one’s expertise, though as with any fire emergency, only if it is safe to do so. Until recently several different fire extinguishers have been necessary for tackling the varying types of fire, however Firexo’s all in one solution can be used on ALL fire types. Previously the requirement of five different extinguishers each for use on their corresponding fire class, has caused extreme confusion, especially if in a panic-fraught state that such an emergency can cause. Understandably, it may not be easy to remember which fire extinguishers are for oil fires and which are for electrical fires etc., especially without thorough training and the consequences of getting it wrong can be dire. The Fire industry has not been positively disrupted in this way for several decades and Firexo’s extinguishant solves a range of critical problems in one fell swoop. Firexo’s solution unifies these extinguishers into one comprehensive solution, meaning that organisations and households only need one product to ensure their safety. This also means that procuring fire extinguishers can be rationalised, and as such can prove to be more cost-effective. In addition to vastly simplifying and helping to improve fire prevention, Firexo also helps to reduce the risks which most fire extinguishers commonly pose to the environment. Containing less damaging and more environmentally friendly fluids, Firexo extinguishers also appeal greatly to the conscious consumer as far preferable to those products containing CO2 or other environmentally harmful fire-fighting chemicals, such as powder. Furthermore, the larger vessels provided by the company are rechargeable and their smaller, non-rechargeable counterparts can be recycled. Reducing environmental impact is at the core of Firexo’s values and they provide all the information needed for customers to recycle their smaller vessels. As part of the Firexo mission ‘to save lives’, this company understands that a solution which adversely affects the environment is not the best solution at all. The need for this type of eco-conscious problem solving has become more apparent in the wake of recent international wildfire events such as those in Australia and California. As climate change worsens, horrors such as these are becoming increasingly common. For example, according to the USA’s Insurance Information Institute there were 45,244 wildfires between January and November in 2019, which increased by 3,614 during the same period in 2020. It is now clear that as well as protecting the environment, work must be done to combat the more immediate consequences of human society’s impact on the Earth. In the UK alone 27,000 fires occur on grass, heathland, and moorland every year – an average of 73 wildfires in the UK every day! Firexo’s ingenuity appears to have no bounds; the company has developed a solution to aid in the speed of combating these extreme disasters. After 73 rigorous tests, Firexo’s fx73 wildfire Most Innovative Fire Fighting Solution 2020: solution boasts superior extinguishing capability and improved fire retardancy. However, the innovative icing on the cake is the fertilising benefits that this extinguishing fluid provides. Not only is the product reducing harm to trees and other vegetation, but it may also help in rejuvenating affected areas in the aftermath of these catastrophes. As the only fire protection manufacturer in the world to publicly show their tests, there is no doubt as to the top-quality performance of Firexo’s products. The demonstrable effectiveness of their technology is a product of the company’s dedication to stringent testing. Moreover, their tests are carried out even where there is no legal or official requirement. As a family-run business, Firexo genuinely cares; not only are they passionate about improved fire safety but also about the impact they leave on wider society and the Earth. With 20 countries already on board and further measures already in place for global expansion; there are no signs of slowing from the Firexo camp. After only two years proving their value, this company are proudly at the spearhead of change, both technologically and socially. Contact Name: Karen Nunn Company Name: Firexo Web Address: Sep20119 Firexo provides user-friendly and sustainable fire extinguishers suitable to use on any class of fire regardless of one’s expertise, though as with any fire emergency, only if it is safe to do so.