Small Business Awards 2020

Founded in 2015, Course-Net Indonesia is a leading IT Coaching company which has until now producedmore than 22,000 graduates from all over Indonesia and abroad. Following their success in the Small Business Awards 2020, we touched base with Fransiskus Alvin to find out more about the extraordinary work he and his team effortlessly provide. Starting from a study group of four people in college, Course-Net Indonesia evolved into a firm of 38 people in 2015, with Fransiskus Alvin dreaming of becoming a blessing for even more people. To begin with, Fransiskus gives us a brief overview of the firm and offers more insight into some of the firm’s specialisms. “Armed with the champion of national level networking competition at UI in 2013, and my experience of entering the number one ICT Consultancy in Indonesia, I realised the importance of the specific skills for every IT person. Therefore, I had the crazy idea of gathering the best IT practitioners with a 3P background (Practitioners, Have Certification, and Achievements at the World Level). The ‘IT is FUN’ tagline is a characteristic of Course-Net Indonesia where the learning system is made ‘semi cowboy’, FUN and Practical, so that every IT person learning is able to absorb knowledge that is the best practice in the world of work and not just theory. “Naturally, our aim is to make every participant a specialist as we guide clients through the subjects of mobile application, network infrastructure, cyber security, digital marketing, and data science. Until now, we have developed and produced 22,000 graduates from the level of students, staff, managers, to business owners.” At present in Indonesia, there is a lot of competition in the field of IT coaching, but as Fransiskus goes on to explain, one of the firm’s strengths is preparing graduates for the future as much as possible. “Not only do we provide training, but we also teach basic concepts. Course-Net is an IT coaching company that teaches real practical strategies in the industrial world. Therefore, each participant is guaranteed to learn. “After completing their training each participant will immediately create a project. This is an important part because we want to guarantee everything which has been taught can be directly applied and practiced. Throughout the whole learning process and the project created, each participant will get an attendance certificate (with a minimum attendance requirement of 80%) and a skill certificate (for projects with grades 75-100). Most Impactful IT Coaching Company - Indonesia “Having collaborated with many large companies in Indonesia, we can be ready to distribute every graduate after they have finished their training with Course-Net. Moreover, arguably our biggest selling point is our job connector programme which is particularly useful in helping each participant channel to large companies in Indonesia.” Regarding the internal culture in place at Course-Net, the firm is passionate about developing the personnel at their disposal and as Fransiskus points out, this can only benefit the company in both the short and long term. “With a FUN work culture, we are always looking for people with the appropriate character for each position. By providing training facilities for each team, we ensure everyone’s skills continue to improve so they are able to contribute more to the company.” Finally, Fransiskus comments on the future of Course-Net Indonesia, sharing one or two plans the firm have in place for the coming year and beyond. “Since most Indonesians are not very fluent in English, Course-Net plans to develop video tutorials in Indonesian, so that all people from all over Indonesia can learn IT more easily. The online learning method that was made was not only through a video tutorial, but also through a Sep20251 Small Business Awards 2020 69 hybrid coaching system where each participant still gets a mentoring session via a webinar with a coach on Course-Net. The goal is to ensure every participant who has completed all the tutorial videos are able to practice it well. “Due to the large number of requests from students who have difficulty surviving while undergoing lectures in the IT field, in the next 1-2 months, Course-Net will launch a programme called ITversity. ITversity is an intensive learning programme that equips high- school graduates who want to take IT courses or IT students who experience difficulties. Ultimately, the goal is to ensure they can master what is taught during lectures and get good grades. Why is this so important? Because it is different from abroad, in Indonesia a bachelor’s degree and GPA score are very important to be able to enter a company. With video tutorials and exercises all complete, this programme is ready to be launched both online and offline.” Company: Course-Net Indonesia Contact: Fransiskus Alvin Web Address: