Small Business Awards 2020

Vivacity Coaching & Consulting is the leading training compliance specialists in Australia. They work nationwide, helping Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s) get compliant and stay compliant. We profiled the firm to discover more about the award-winning services the team effortlessly provide. Since 2009, Vivacity have led the field of RTO consulting as experienced innovators. After attending over 300 ASQA audits, this company have proven repeatedly that they deliver results that improve RTO compliance and business success. By providing training and learning resources online, Vivacity helps these organisations to succeed in a legally compliant fashion. The company have been integral in helping Australian RTO’s to not just survive but thrive during the current pandemic. In late March 2020, when announcements were made on the impending lockdown restrictions, most of Vivacity’s clients were predominantly delivering their training face to face. Angela Connell, CEO and Founder of Vivacity, knew instantly that for these companies to survive, they must transition their training to an online medium. As an answer to this problem, Angela launched an Education in Isolation Masterclass. The Education in Isolation course provides “quick-to-implement” strategies on how to transition in-person training services to an online platform. With five years of experience delivering online training themselves, Vivacity is the perfect guide to succeeding in the virtual world. If an experienced innovator such as Angela was not around to lead the way in this industry-wide transition, many businesses would have to cancel future training and perhaps would not survive. Innovation Award in Educational Training - Australia As the saviour of the Australian training industry, Vivacity have continued to provide further support and engage the RTO community. They created an Education in Isolation podcast, in which business owners were interviewed about what they did differently during the pandemic and how they transitioned their business. In consistently providing help and information, Vivacity have acted as an indispensable reinforcement for the training industry’s survival. This support is not just necessary for the training industry, but also the wider business community. If employers hope to recover from the effects of the pandemic, the training industry will need to provide a myriad of newly required education. From remote working training to guidance on how to work Covid safe, RTO’s will be needed to provide businesses with the ability to hire again. Angela Connell explained that, “The training industry is going to be crucial over the next three years to help job seekers and employers recover.” She goes on to highlight that, “The way we work will change forever, it is up to the training industry to ensure that we are teaching our industries how to transition and work more effectively in this new environment.” As soon as businesses can make this transition, the increased rates of unemployment which the pandemic has produced can be dealt with. Vivacity is leading the charge towards achieving this goal. By supporting RTO’s, they are enabling the training industry to support businesses in all sectors. Vivacity’s efforts do not end here, however, as the company has plans to provide further resources to help companies retain their resilience. Last month Angela launched a new informative podcast for anyone working within the training industry, RTO Superhero, as well as further online courses to help your business to succeed and stay compliant. The company even plans to host a Strategic Planning Retreat to help the training industry to grow and sustain itself. With the presence of such a proactive and experienced organisation, the Australian training industry has the tools it needs to survive this unprecedented crisis. In helping them succeed, Vivacity is at the core of the Australian economy’s recovery. From their JobTrainer application assistance, to their online training masterclasses, this company are equipped to advise and support RTO’s in any area of the industry. Contact: Angela Connell Phone number: 1300 729 455 Company: Vivacity Coaching & Consulting Web Address: LinkedIn: Sep20067