Small Business Awards 2020

Macedonia has long held the potential to be one of the most influential countries in South East Europe, and this is thanks in no small part to the team at Macedonia2025. This non-profit, non-political organization holds the simple aim of pushing the development of economic and leadership opportunities for the country’s citizens. We take a closer look at this organization to see just how they’ve done it. Founded in 2007 by Macedonian expatriates, Macedonia2025 has been designed as an international, independent, non-political ‘think & do’ tank. Using the experiences of those who are now outside the country, the organization is designed to drive new and sustainable forms of economic growth that will serve citizens, companies and foreign investors. In short, it opens the opportunities that expatriates have gained to those who still live in Macedonia. The emphasis is always on sustainability of the team’s efforts. The aim is not just to provide support, but to ensure that it remains for the long term. In order to make sure that the effects of the team’s efforts are not temporary, Macedonia2025 works closely with business, government and academia across the country. This approach helps to build a stronger nation as a whole. The key pillars of Macedonia2025 are designed to work in tandem, accelerating growth and partnerships in many different ways. The first pillar, for example, aims to support the process of making Macedonian companies more competitive worldwide, encouraging foreign investment and export development. To do this, the team is working closely with entrepreneurs, start-up companies and business associations. One such example is the Bitove Family Entrepreneurship Program in partnership with CESO SACO that provides free expert support for development and exports of Macedonian companies. Moreover, the organization has recently started a new digital platform ‘Connect2MK’, which connects Macedonian companies with diaspora professionals for a faster growth and higher exports of domestic companies. Best Leadership & Economic Support Organisation - South East Europe The organization is also supporting the development of strong leadership in the country, starting from a younger age, all the way to established CEOs. The team know that changing the way a country works and is seen, is not just done by changing how it operates today, but by securing its future too. Each year, Macedonia2025 finances the professional development of country’s CEOs through an executive education programs at the Kellogg School of Management thanks to the Board Member Mike Zafirovski. The Kellogg Alumni Club of Macedonia2025 includes nearly 30 top Macedonian CEOs. At the same time, the organization supports the development of young talents, helping them reach their fullest potential and become successful. It does this through programs such as the Support Fund for Talented Students, where so far around 20 individuals received scholarships along with an opportunity for continuous talent and skills development through mentoring, participation in international competitions, training and internships in prominent companies. Of course, the relationships that the team develops is key to the success of Macedonia2025 as a whole. They could not have the impact that they currently do if they didn’t work closely with other individuals. While the aim is to build a stronger nation, the reach is international. Macedonia2025 represents a platform where all Macedonians can support the economic and democratic growth of Macedonia. Sep20475 Small Business Awards 2020 75 Currently, the team has developed strong alignment with organizations in Canada such as the renowned Richard Ivey School of Business. This is the home of the team’s Leader Project, enabling potential individuals to develop local business solutions that create opportunities for their communities free of charge over ten days. On the home front, Macedonia2025 has spent much of its time advocating for a transparent and corruption-free society. When this has been established clearly and effectively, it will be possible to improve the business environment as well. Only through taking these steps will the team find new ways improving the economic progress of the country. Through its works and acts, Macedonia2025 has played an immeasurable role in improving the lives of those who live in Macedonia. Their efforts have broadened the country’s horizons, encouraging new ambition, which will pay dividends in years still to come. Company: Macedonia2025 Contact: Ema Jakimovska Website: Email: [email protected] Founded in 2007 by Macedonian expatriates, Macedonia2025 has been designed as an international, independent, non-political ‘think & do’ tank.