Small Business Awards 2020

installation to data collection to monitoring is completed to the highest standards and to a client’s ultimate satisfaction. If anything is lacking at this stage, it’s much easier to find and fix any problems and resolve any dissatisfaction. The active approach that the team have taken means that Poseidon Systems is the only sensor manufacturer that has significant experience installing, integrating, connecting, and analyzing the data from the sensors. It not only gives the team a unique insight into what is expected of their products, but how to improve them in the long run. As the team offer a complete oil condition monitoring solution to many different organisations, this means that they have overall access to well over 6,000 pieces of equipment, each bespoke fitted and adapted to suit specific requirements. Other manufacturers and system integrators don’t have direct knowledge of the end customer business case. This advantage is that the information they collect can be fed into how the sensor design and function can be improved to aid in the end goals of the customer. When combined with the IP behind the sensor technology and how that can be optimized to provide a better solution going forward. This is something no one else in the market is doing and has led to rapid advancements in sensor technology and how value is derived for end customers. While the firm has made its name in various solutions for monitoring fluid operations, Poseidon Systems has begun to broaden its horizons, exploring ways to use its current skills to support clients. One of the most recent developments in this direction is a Site Health Assessment. This optional service provides a 4-month, site-wide deployment of wear debris monitors, allowing detailed insights into gearbox health. Not only is it easy to deploy, it is an affordable option for gearbox site surveys using Poseidon Systems’ patented online wear debris system. Similarly, the team is proud to provide the natural evolution of its Industrial IoT system. Poseidon Live is a state-of-the-art, cloud-based condition monitoring system that allows customers to monitor their asset or equipment health in real time. Instead of waiting for reports or feedback, customers can see all of the critical information they need about their oil instantly. The system takes all of the data that is found and performs multiple analyses. At the first sign of any issues, the team’s impressive alarm system makes the appropriate people aware so that damage can be minimized. Despite the leading work that is undertaken at Poseidon Systems, it still remains a small company. The team’s achievements are a credit to how specific targeting from a firm can generate exceptional results. The culture at the firm, therefore, is one that reflects the size of the business. Everyone taken on must be able to take on the overall goals of the team while taking the responsibility to drive their teams and themselves in a direction that will meet these end-goals. Smaller businesses simply cannot afford to micro-manage individuals. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a great change in the working style of the business, with team members forced to work from home for a long time. That said, the overall culture of the business has meant that the team has not skipped a beat. Poseidon Systems has continued with the same motivation that it has always had, despite the new challenges of the day. When it comes to recruiting new talent, the team take a special pride in working with some of the youngest, brightest and best minds to come onto the market. A high concentration of students from local universities go through the Poseidon Systems’ coop program, and this provides the ideal opportunity to discover people who have the skill and drive to fit seamlessly into the company culture. This approach applies to seasoned candidates too, as it is much easier to teach someone new skills than it is to change a worldview. Often when people are being recruited, it is to fill a specific gap or niche in the company’s workplace portfolio. Once the position has been taken, the individual is expected to take ownership of deliverables, playing an essential role almost instantly. This varies from new products for customers to new functions for the business. No matter what, it’s an opportunity for the right person to quickly make a mark and learn something new. What is clear is that the size of Poseidon Systems is such that there is not a high level of bureaucracy and that talented self- starters are key to the team’s success. Looking ahead is these strange times might seem counterproductive, but Poseidon Systems has not slowed down in 2020. The team has a strong record of making the INC5000 and other lists for fast-growing companies over the past three years. This has been achieved by doubling the firm’s revenue annually. Needless to say, this impressive accomplishment is expected to continue through the next few years as the team partners up with new and exciting members of an international team. It is only recently that the firm has confirmed its latest partnership with ALS Global. This new strategic collaborative relationship will strengthen ALS Global’s position as the leading provider of Asset Reliability and Condition Monitoring Services and accelerate penetration of the Poseidon Systems’ online OCM solution globally. It might be a surprise to some to know that Poseidon Systems expects much of the firm’s growth for the next few years will come from the existing customer base and markets. The team already do a great deal of work in sectors such as energy, transportation, mining and marine, which means they have a willing market for their increasing range of products. Instead of having to use many products from different providers, Poseidon Systems will act as a one-stop-shop for customers, consolidating their requirements into a single place. The streamlining of the condition monitoring, Industrial IoT, and oil condition monitoring markets will help customers continue to protect their critical assets in a more cost effective and efficient manner. From its humble beginnings a decade ago, Poseidon Systems has become a vital part of many companies’ operations. The team will certainly continue to expand and grow as they add new sensors and new CMS technologies to their customer offerings. The increasing importance of IoT solutions will also see expansion to the products and services line. This is a firm that hasn’t just found a niche for the present, but one that can be adapted for the needs of the future too. Company: Poseidon Systems Contact: Stephen Steen Web Address: Email: [email protected]