Small Business Awards 2020

Electric-powered vehicles have become one of the most important advancements in the history of the modern vehicular industry, and an important milestone for those who wish to care for the environment also. However, one of the biggest stumbling blocks to the widespread rollout of electric vehicles for so many people is the element of charging them. That is where EV Connect comes in. Discover more about this driven firm, and the mission it is on to build a better planet by enabling the distribution of electricity as a fuel. EV Connect is building the digital backbone to support the massive build-out of EV charging infrastructure, and promises to never stop innovating for drivers of electric vehicles who depend on their charging app, stations, and the back-end network that keeps everything connected. The firm’s commitment and passion for the EV charging network operators and business investors are just as strong as the desire to innovate for those it affects on a daily basis. In essence, what EV Connect does it develop solutions that place a premium on simplicity, compatibility, manageability, choice, and establishing a win-win situation for all parties in the EV charging ecosystem. A software-as-a-service company, EV Connect has been designed to be quickly deployed, managed, and scaled for customized EV charging networks that need seamless and straightforward charging station management. Since its inception, EV Connect has saved drivers over 765,000 gallons of gasoline, powered more than 31 million electric miles, and kept more than 6.8 million kilograms of greenhouse gases from entering the planet’s atmosphere. Simplifying the setup, management, and optimization of charging stations from EV Connect is all about premium customer service, from station installation to driver support. As a service-first company, listening to and understanding new customers’ needs is critical. With experience guiding companies of all sizes in managing charging networks and delivering a seamless EV charging experience, EV Connect found that laying the blueprint for the entire EV ecosystem helped both customers and partners experience the simplicity of the solution. However, whilst meeting today’s needs is undoubtedly important, the true test of EV Connect’s services lay in its future. There are currently 7.2 million electric vehicle drivers on the road today, and it is estimated that this figure will grow to more than 125 million by 2030. This exponential growth in electric vehicle drivers on the road demands a corresponding increase in public charging stations that are available for those drivers. According to a newWood Mackenzie study, 10.8 million electric vehicle charging outlets will be installed in North America to match the EV adoption that is predicted to take place over the next ten years. Given these growth projections, everybody involved will need to find a way to manage the complex, heterogeneous infrastructure required to satisfy EV drivers’ demands. The people who manage retail spaces, apartment complexes, and more, are not typically well-versed in electric vehicle charging. Yet, they are the ones who face the challenge of manging these complex spaces. To meet these needs, EV Connect must be scalable, whilst maintaining a culture that holds small business values around taking great care of customers. These values have already driven the firm to success, and they will continue to do so. Electric vehicles are something of a revolution, but that revolution is at risk of becoming a dystopian future if the industry continues to compete at the expense of building a streamlined, efficient, and effective collective user experience. With transportation currently accounting for more than forty percent of the planet’s climate-changing greenhouse gas emissions, interoperable EV charging infrastructure Best EV Charging Management Solutions Provider - USA Sep20915 is critical for a future of cleaner air. One of the few tricks that the EV industry should copy from gasoline-based transportation, however, is the universal compatibility of cars and gas pumps. Hardware- agnostic and open networks can simplify the set-up, management, and optimization of charging stations, from installation to driver support. The EV industry cannot afford chaos at scale, and the most critical action item is to support open standards in EV charging to help avoid chaos. Ultimately, the world is living through the most exciting and important time for vehicle electrification. The world urgently needs to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels to tame climate change. EV Connect is dedicated to building a clean-energy future with EV charging that works for everyone. Company: EV Connect Contact: Cassie Layton Website: