Small Business Awards 2021

Best Independent Energy & Utilities Advisors – Italy Development of renewable energies represents the core of the energy transition, which undoubtedly is the greatest challenge and need of our time. This is proved by the fact that the resources allocated to this purpose are constantly increasing in this context, a change is required in the entire system, making it ever more necessary for companies in the sector to bring together high-profile technical and managerial skills. REA operates as a technical, financial, and market advisor for these clients, as well as leading national and international financial institutions and industrial operators. Partnering with its sister company Reliable Energy Management (REM), REA can also offer operational asset management services, providing a one-stop-shop facility to financial players investing in green assets in the Italian energy market. All manner of institutions and organizations can sometimes find themselves in need of assistance or advice when it comes to navigating the world of renewable energy, utilities, and infrastructures. That is what REA offers; specialized and independent advice that has a main focus on RES electricity generation, power markets, and waste and water services. Moreover, REA is building a solid experience as an advisor specialized in the process of energy transformation of the public system. After the three-year cycle of collaboration with Gestore dei Servizi Energetici (GSE), recently Rea has been awarded one of the main geographic batch of the tender “Consultancy for the Verification of the services eligible for incentivation in Conto Termico throughout Italy” of the GSE specifically pertaining to the South of Italy. As far as services go, REA mainly focuses in on three core areas. Firstly, there are the aforementioned advisory services, which includes, project monitoring, transaction and strategic advice, corporate finance, market advice, and valuation advice. Likewise, REA also offers an outstanding technical advisory and permitting due diligence service. The services offered by REA have involved 4.7 GW and over 6 billion euros of investment. The technical advice that REA offers can be utilized for greenfield plants, and for developing and supporting of greenfield projects. First and foremost, these greenfield projects often centre around wind and photovoltaic projects for leading investors, IPPs, and those co-operating in renewable energy projects around the globe. REA is also one of the best national firms that is specialized in forensic engineering in the energy field. Sep21874 Renewable energy is fast becoming one of the biggest andmost important industries in the world, with the ongoing struggle against climate change being a key part of many government agendas across the world. Reliable Energy Advisors (REA) is an Italian independent advisor operating in the Green Economy, specializing in the provision of top-level services for energy and utilities markets with amain focus on renewable energy, water, and environmental industries. We take a deep dive into the firm’s services to find out the extent of its excellence. REA guarantees the utmost in transparency, trustfulness, and interest alignment with clients. Due to the fact that the firm is independent, the client can rest assured that REA will always have their best interests at heart. Financial institutions and investors rely on REA’s advisory services, knowing that having a reliable partner on their side can be a truly game-changing thing. REA’s proven approach is centered about matching detailed sector knowledge with corporate and investment strategies. Advanced modelling skills, academic experience, and strong technical and management expertise all mark REA out as a unique profile in the Italian market. Finally, it is important to underline REA’s commitment to education and training. Thanks to a partnership with LUISS Business School, REA has launched the executive program MASID, Management and Administration of the Water Sector, which is now at its second edition. REA is one of the main advisors for the Water & Waste industries too. More than 20 water providers, industrial players and local Authorities have already chosen the services provided by REA to take on the challenges of the water and waste sector regulatory framework. Water tariffs modelled by REA are applied in a relevant part of the national territory corresponding to more than 8 million inhabitants served. Thanks to its multidisciplinary team of engineers, accountants, economist, and financial professionals, REA is able to provide high level, integrated, techno-financial advisory services that are truly exceptional. Ultimately, Reliable Energy Advisors is the perfect place for recognized expertise in the field of environmental and industrial economics, regulation, finance, valuation, law, international relations, project management with a major focus on flexible and resilient technologies and a new innovative power systems applications (next project are involving Storage and Green Hydrogen technology). It is a firm that is incredibly relevant right now and deserves every bit of success it achieves and continues to achieve. Company: Rea Srl Contact: Giuseppe Mastropieri Website: Starting life in 2013, REA has built up a team of engineers and advisors who matured experience has positioned the firm as the best in class across the entirety of Italy for technical advice around renewable energy technologies. REA offers a full spectrum of high-quality services: technical and commercial due diligence and support for financing operations as well as in the field of asset acquisitions by investment funds.