Small Business Awards 2021

Small Business Awards 2021 25 Best Management Consultancy & Corporate Training - APAC Coaching Go Where is leading corporate transformation coupled with science-based power tools and techniques. 70% of Change Programmes fail to stick. Yet, much of a company’s success depends on its resources. It can be said that a business’ driving force is its talent and if the car must change its direction, the driver must act on it. While we grapple with the ongoing unpredictability of Covid-19, one thing is clear – we need to change the way we work by changing the way we think. The pandemic has presented an opportunity to transform the way businesses are run and, in order to head towards recovery, companies now need to look at how they optimise talent and resources. To thrive in the new-world order of VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity), organisations and their leaders must be equipped with agility and resilience to lead organisational change with confidence. Coaching Go Where’s flagship programme, Be Unlimited, combines executive coaching, management consulting, and corporate training in one package, which encourages a new leadership mindset to deliver high impact performance. These three expertise services are available with unlimited access, on-demand, and just-in-time. This programme hones agility and adaptiveness through 1-on-1 tailored executive coaching, and is based on neuroscience, neuro linguistic programming (NLP), and social psychology. This original and unique programme is a combination of executive coaching, management consulting, and corporate training and, with a single subscription to all three expertise services, it is hugely accessible, unlimited, and on-demand. Coaching Go Where offers other programmes like “Coaching Mindset for Leaders” (CML), which is a cutting-edge and bespoke 12-week in-house leadership programme for corporates who want to integrate coaching skills and renewed mindsets to enhance leadership performance and accelerate team cohesion. This was designed to empower leaders with the skills of a coach so that they can lead with impact and inspire with heart. Participants are also immersed in an environment where they learn from the facilitators and peers, as well as through ongoing self-reflection. CML has been delivered to large fast-growing MNCs in the technology and IT industries, and often done in a fun and playful manner to engage clients as the consultancy firm believes that people learn best when they have fun. Coaching Go Where’s third flagship programme is the “Inspire! Leadership Mindset”, which pushes its clients to rewire their thinking to become inspirational leaders. It reviews where they are on their leadership journey, refreshes and resets their leadership identity to step Oct21370 Incorporated in 2015, Coaching Go Where specialises in Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, and Change Management consulting. The firmwas founded on the belief that everyone has incredible potential waiting to be unlocked. Co-founders Anna Tan and Emma Noguchi helm the firm, both certified leadership coaches with over 40-years of combined experience consulting MNCs across the globe, and currently coach C-suite executives and managers across the world to unleash greater performance from their teammembers. This in turn boosts productivity and the organisation’s bottom line. up into becoming an inspirational leader. To rewire, they help clients to create and sustain new powerful habits and rituals so as to transform in their thinking and being. Coaching Go Where’s highly trained and experienced executive coaches are fully accredited by either the International Coaching Federation or the International Coaching Institute. The multi-talented team also boasts a variety of past experience including profit and loss (P&L) responsibilities, translating to their ability to complement business acumen with executive coaching to give their clients the best results. Co-founder Anna Tan was awarded the Cabinet Office, UK Programme of the Year, for her transformation of the UK Civil Service in how it measured and improved employee engagement (covering 98 organisations and about 500,000 employees). Current and past clients span across industry verticals including Google, Johnson & Johnson, Alibaba Group, Lululemon, and Dentsu International. Coaching Go Where has been featured in top tier media including The Business Times and The Straits Times and is listed as the best in Singapore for Executive Coaching and Leadership Growth. Company: Coaching Go Where Contact: Anna Tan Website: Emma Noguchi and Anna Tan, Co-founders