Small Business Awards 2021

Small Business Awards 2021 27 Oct21556 Most Innovative Co-Working Design Consultancy - South America Established in 2017 in Brazil, Espaço D Cursos e Coworking firmly believes that sharing knowledge and tools amongst its clients is what simplifies and enriches local content productions, streamlines life and, overall, leverages businesses. Furthermore, by connecting people and companies to modern projects, its creative educators and entrepreneurs’ network can create a community that cultivates an innovative market. Espaço is so unique in its field due to its business ethos and company mindset. Whilst many businesses strive to be different amongst their competitors to lead an industry, Espaço believes that competitors are part of a general hub that it can partner with. Therefore, uniquely combining individual best attributes to maintain an overall greater goal – to do the best for its clients. Espaço aims to foster an innovative, creative culture of design and, to do so, believes in the space of knowledge, connection, diversification and experimentation. The company harbours a network of creative individuals, educators and entrepreneurs, who promote creativity within its industry. Co-Founder Ana Catharina Marques explains, “At our school, we believe that sharing knowledge and tools enriches content production, leverages professionals and businesses, and simplifies and streamlines our lives. Therefore, we work with an active training process where you learn and practice while teaching others. As a result, our knowledge trail is dynamic and active, generating maximum efficiency in online learning.” Comply.X is Espaço’s newest service that uses the design process to build a compliance program. It is an integrity program centred on human management and has done so well it has increased its annual billing by 100%. Normally, law firms provide the service to implement an integrity program, which is offered for people within the company to follow. Renowned within South America as the Most Innovative Co-Working Design Consultancy, Espaço D Cursos e Co-working pioneers’ creative culture of innovative excellence within its field. Espaço connects people, companies and innovative projects willing to immerse themselves in a multidisciplinary environment of activation, cooperation and transformation. Ana Catharina Marques, the Co-Founder, explains more about the company. However, Espaço believes that the best way of implementation is through design, which builds a collaborative ecosystem with reduced complexity. “From this understanding, we pioneered the Comply.X method based on the design process to manage integrity through human management. Our methodology allows us to build the compliance program with the people of the company,” explains Ana. Espaço is engaged in online education and consulting because it uses design to discover and apply new processes and methodologies. By using the design process, Espaço is able to understand clients and their problems. “Our goal is to frame the problem, to find the right question and, from this point, we can follow a true process to solve the problems,” states Ana. Overall, Espaço forms a connection with its users to encapsulate a space where ideas and creativity can be supported and discussed, surrounded by a team of professionals who guide and become involved in a co- working niche market. Company Name: Espaço D Cursos e Coworking Contact Name: Ana Catharina Marques Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected]