Small Business Awards 2021

Best Blockchain Consulting & Development Company – Florida With years of experience and a flawless reputation representing the quality of its service, Bengala Technologies’ solutions put its clients ahead of the competition with the creation of a reliable, secure and transparent business identity using the latest blockchain technology. Its services include private blockchain development, smart contract development, supply chain development, blockchain consultancy, initial coin offering (ICO), technology integration, blockchain software and hardware development, and data centre construction and design. With regards to cryptocurrency mining, Bengala Technologies utilises powerful hardware sufficient for cryptocurrency mining at an industrial level with suitable climate. It is currently working aside one of the top mining equipment providers from the very beginning of the cryptocurrency rise in order to have the most advanced, cost-efficient and reliable equipment available. Bengala Technologies’ hardware facility is suitable for small- to large- scale investors with a scalable infrastructure that is secure, upgradable and capable of meeting the emerging cryptocurrency needs. Having the right highly secure private blockchain development and consulting solutions from the beginning will see a positive impact on businesses, enabling them to ultimately decrease their operational costs on infrastructure. To do this, Bengala Technologies is keen to understand its clients’ business needs, being a highly experienced team which has worked Sep21845 Bengala Technologies delivers excellence in the field of fintech and blockchain consulting and development by creating and deploying custom decentralised blockchain apps as per its clients’ business needs. In light of the company being recognised within Corporate Vision’s Small Business Awards 2021, we take a closer look at what it has to offer clients. with a range of innovative start-ups and businesses. It works hard to identify the correct tech platform that fits each client’s needs and execute it efficiently, building a solid blockchain structure for their business and delivering a high-quality system as per their expectations. Managing Partner, Arnaldo Detres is a man driven by vision and possibilities. Since a young age, Arnaldo has had an interest in hardware, starting out by doing custom work on computers as a hobby, and this soon became a profitable profession. He holds a certification in blockchain technology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and is a certified bitcoin professional, being one of the first into the world of bitcoin in 2011. Arnaldo led one of the initial businesses to utilise bitcoin as a form of payment for services and is an ardent follower of the industry, able to identify profitable moves based off extensive research and a wide breadth of experience, and Bengala Technologies is one of such profitable projects. Ultimately, the only way is up for expert company, Bengala Technologies and its clients as it continues leveraging blockchain technology to build powerful solutions for them. To find out how Bengala Technologies can help your company with regards to blockchain and fintech technology, please get in touch via email or the contact form on the company website. Company: Bengala Technologies, LLC. Contact: Arnaldo Detres Email: [email protected] Website: