Small Business Awards 2021

Small Business Awards 2021 41 Best Domestic Plumbing Company - Hunter Region Calling in a plumber means calling in an expert you can trust to get the job done. The team behind InCase Plumbing and Gas Fitting understand the immense responsibility behind this calling, and this is shown by their remarkable achievement in Corporate Vision’s Small Business Awards. We dig a little deeper to uncover the secrets of their success. For those who aren’t in the construction industry, plumbing issues take on extra weight. Fixing them is never as simple as it appears, and can often have a massive impact on the way in which we live. The team at InCase have made it their mission to give their clients the best experience possible, taking the stress away and replacing it in a confidence in the job being done. The InCase team cover all aspects of plumbing, from new homes, renovations, bathroom planning through to gas installations, rainwater harvesting, blocked drains and maintenance. The sheer knowledge that they have accrued over the years is exceptional, and one of the reasons that they have become so highly regarded within the industry. This wisdom is combined with an exceptional eye for customer service, and every single decision from the team is framed by a desire to understand exactly what a client wants to achieve. The nature of the team’s work means trust at all times. While quality is essential, it is always achieved at the fairest possible price. Instead of charging the standard retail rate, whatever savings can be made on materials are passed onto the client, for example. This approach embraces the qualities of responsibility, integrity and trust that many have come to expect from this hardworking team. Finding the right people to work for a company such as InCase is not always easy, and the firm is incredibly lucky to have discovered staff who have exceptional work ethic and give 100% all of the time. Unlike many in the industry, this is a team who are committed not just to high Sep21566 standards, but to making sure that if they are going to do something, they do it right and do so all of the time. The success of InCase has seen it grow considerably over the years, but such growth can lead to changes in the way a business is run and perceived. While expansion is key, it cannot come at the expense of such a reputable brand. The owner, Mitch Casey, plans to stem this potential problem through the hiring of five to six staff who have trained under him as apprentices. This will ensure that there is a baseline of quality that matches his standards and that any jobs that are completed as done as he would do. It’s impossible to overestimate the value of a good plumber, as they will complete a job quickly and effectively, while always considering your needs first and foremost. InCase has seemingly been designed with this eye for service at the forefront at all times, and it is the secret behind their remarkable success. We celebrate their incredible achievement as their popularity and reputation continue to grow, bringing them even more success in the months and years to come. Company: InCase Plumbing and Gas Fitting Name: Mitch Casey Email: [email protected] Web Address: