Small Business Awards 2021

Small Business Awards 2021 55 Best Apartment Community Market Intelligence Platform 2021: Since its launch over 35 years ago, Apartment Data Services has been the only firm that integrates data feeds from property management companies, solicit property updates, locator feedback, and directly contacts each apartment property in its database at least once every month. The data the company collects and packages are used as competitive market information that enables multifamily residential property managers to maximise revenues and occupancy rates. Moreover, it aids renters and apartment locators to find the ideal rental properties; developers to locate, plan and design optimised floor plans for new construction and renovations; and investors to make better decisions. For over three decades, ADS has maintained its reputation as the apartment industry data expert by major property management firms, investors and the press. It is now recently acknowledged as the Best Apartment Community Market Intelligence Platform by Corporate Visions – Small Business Awards 2021. Since its foundation, the company has maintained constant and consistent growth, always maintaining a personal touch and thoughtful interaction that can only be provided from a small, family-like business ethos. Sustaining its regards as the leader in the industry, ADS continuously updates market intelligence with insights that enable its Oct21145 Established in 1986, Apartment Data Services is the leading marketing and information supplier to the multifamily industry. ADS has recently been recognised as the Apartment Community Market Intelligence Platform, with the aim to collect and package competitive market information that will enable multifamily residential property managers to maximise revenues and occupancy rates. clients to make strategic pricing decisions to maximise occupancy and grow their business. At ADS, the company specialises in providing its clients with the most accurate apartment data research and targeted marketing strategies designed with their needs in mind. Moreover, working with apartment managers, property management companies, and property owners across its service area allows the company to offer the latest apartment market data for their needs. Additionally, in order to fulfil the requirements of its customers, ADS works with professional and passionate team members who aid in the configuration and the overall success of the service provided. All staff members are skilled and courteous, which allows its clients to access the property management data needed to achieve their goals and stay profitable in a competitive marketplace. Currently, its customers base includes major property management firms, investors and brokers, realtors, locators and vendors and has been seen as a trusted resource that provides timely data and analysis of current market conditions. ADS drives its mission to connect the people of the apartment industry by providing the data they trust to make better decisions. With their steady business values of integrity, reliability, teamwork, adaptability, perseverance, and the ability to share good humour and fun with business partners, family, and the community, ADS can do so. What makes ADS so largely influential and looked up to in its industry is its ability to clearly understand the customer’s challenges, issues, and objectives. Thus, demonstrating a set of solutions that addresses its clients concerns by providing a competitive proposal. ADS continuously innovates and develops novel solutions that save the customer time and provide new insight into their business and competitive environment. These incremental solutions are often integrated into the existing platform and are either free enhancements or upgrades built. Furthermore, the company can achieve its vast amount of success through adaptability and overcoming adversity with perseverance. Above all, ADS wants to share our good humour and fun with its business partners, family, and the community, all whilst making a difference in the industry and maintaining a recognised leader in its field of expertise. Company Name: Contact Name: Rudy Mui Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected]